In recent times the word ‘metaverse’ has drawn quite a lot of attention. ‘Metaverse’ is much like stepping into a ‘virtual world’. But the question is, “Is technology drawing mankind away from actual natural world towards artificiality? Have we lost sight of why nature is important for us?”

In this blog we will dig into forgotten importance of nature in life of human. Also we will unravel, what nature can do to our ‘body’ and ‘mind’. Below are 5 ways nature impacts us.

1.Mental well being

I was born and brought up in a remote place with not much amenities. As life took its turn I moved to small town, then small city and then to a metro city. In due course, with change in lifestyle, things got busier and social circle became smaller and smaller.

A big city unarguably gives every comfort someone can imagine, but it lacks the warmth and calmness of nature. May be that’s the reason folks from cities prefer to visit their native places from time to time. I too do that often. But it’s not always feasible.

At present, when my mental health goes for a toss or anger strikes in, I prefer taking a walk around greenery to lift my mood instantly. As I breathe in fresh air under open sky my teething troubles get halved. This goof-off time with nature is all I need to deal with stress.

Recently we paid visit to a place called ”Green planet” during our brief stay in Dubai. Green planet is home to number of beautiful and exotic multicoloured birds and animals. Here they are provided a close to natural environment, unlike zoo where they are caged.

A bird at Green Planet Dubai
( pc : Deepak Karmakar )

We watched them closely in their natural habitat, without disturbing. We loved everything about this encounter at Green planet Dubai. My husband clicked few pictures of birds. These photos are aesthetically pleasing even without editing, as you can see above. If you ask me, Green planet Dubai is nothing but a peaceful paradise for nature lovers.

In plain language, natural elements have much needed role in balancing mental health. Indeed Mother nature is the best therapist and this therapy is free for all. 

2. Vitamin D synthesis

Being a physician, I have noticed an unusual trend in kids these days. They are suffering from vitamin D deficiency rampantly. It is more so for young ones residing in cities, who get limited sunlight exposure.

A memorable moment among nature
at Art of living international centre Bangalore
( pc : Deepak Karmakar )

Vitamin D is crucial for bone growth. It’s synthesised when our skin is exposed to early morning sunlight. Insufficient exposure to morning sun ray invites vitamin D deficiency. This in turn brings about delayed dentition and delayed growth of bones 

Evidently, vitamin D deficiency makes a person more prone to exacerbations of Asthma. Also vitamin D is an approved natural immunity booster. It protects human body against invading pathogenic microbes. 

Thus people who are low on vitamin D are more likely to get infections, especially viral infections of respiratory system. Thereby vitamin D is quite relevant in today’s time. Staying in touch with nature replenishes body’s store of vitamin D.

3. Physical health

One of the best motivational books ‘Ikigai’ decodes secret of prolonged life of Japanese people. The authors state, when a person remains at close quarters with nature he leads a healthier, longer and meaningful life.

This was practiced by our ancestors too, who used to worship nature like God. According to Hindu Vedic culture and also as per few other classical civilisations, rain, fire, tree etc are treated like saviours or deities. Owing to this respect for mother nature, our grand parents and great grandparents lived a happier life.

Trees take in carbon dioxide and other harmful chemicals from air and breathe out oxygen, which is vital for our well-being. This exchange of gas purifies air. Trees also restore ground water level. In this way trees keep not only environment but also our body, healthy and functional.

Naturally grown fruits and vegetables instead of artificially preserved foods are healthful. Reason being these have no preservative, additive or synthetic carcinogen. Home grown foods are in fact the most nutritious for our body.

Home grown veggies and flowers

These are some home grown veggies and flowers that I spotted, when last time I was holidaying at our native place. These are not only holistic but also taste second to none. Considering that these plants grow more on natural fertilizer than artificial chemicals.

4. Rejuvenation 

We human can not function monotonously all the time. We need to ease up on work from time to time. A morning walk amidst nature is the perfect way to rejuvenate ourselves. Moreover there are several health benefits of morning walk as well.

Apart from morning walk, I prefer to stroll around park or lawn wherever I am free. Here is a video when recently we took a walk among trees and had a reviving family time too.

Some people like to tune in to their favourite music on earphones while having a walk. I would like it better to let all my senses absorb surrounding stimuli as much as possible. I get an earful of natural sounds, smell fresh air and glare at leafy landscape.

To be honest nowadays I am not able to maintain morning walk streak. In that case I try my best to take atleast a weekly time out and spend some time with nature. For me, this break is vitally important for maintaining work-life balance.

An enormous tree at Art of living international centre Bangalore
( pc : myself )

Photo of this handsome, branching tree was clicked during our visit to art of living international centre Bangalore. We spent hours under fine old shady trees away from chaos of city. It was a much needed break for us. 

Also we passed sometime at gurupadukavanam. It’s basically an amphitheatre with a deep and clear pond at centre. There are geese merrily swimming, bathing and diving into the pond. This was such a surreal sight. 

5. Focus and creativity

Just after I moved to city, I was looking for a serene place to read, write and do meditation as a beginner. Then one day I came upon this place that you can see here in picture.

A shady and cozy place under lap of nature
( pc : myself )

Sheer calmness of the place helped me hear my own thoughts. It made me an avid reader and an effortless writer. I could focus better and also was at my creative best. This is how my productivity got boosted manifold.

Choosing a place thick with nature was such a welcome and positive change. Moreover it endowed me some ‘me time’ to find self worth in life.

When at home, our balcony is my cosiest thinking corner. I often sit here among beautiful house plants. Along with a cup of tea or coffee and bit of solitude sets my mood and assemble my random thoughts.


Sunset at Kite beach Dubai
( pc : Deepak Karmakar )

Each day we are gaining new knowledge and discovering new technologies. But at the same time we are forgetting the wisdom of past. It’s tragic how we have taken nature and its resources for granted.

I hope this covid pandemic would be a great lesson for us, to stop exploiting nature. Mother nature heals herself and she will in future too. But the question is if mankind goes against nature can it survive in future?

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