I, myself is an ardent admirer of home cooked healthy food preparations rather than handily available junk foods. Even so at times I feel like craving for fast foods. May be we all are guilty of this thought. Let us find out why is junk food unhealthy for our body, so that we are cautious before grabbing it next time. 

1. Causes non communicable diseases

Key targets of fast food industry are teenagers and young people. Once they are entrapped by ‘feel good factor’ of fast foods, they come again and again for it. 

This is because side effects of junk food usually do not get unveiled immediately. However in long run these foods lead to incurable non communicable diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart attack, stroke and cancer.

Special note : MSG and nitrosamine in fast food lead to gastrointestinal cancer. 

So if you wish for a fit body, 5 to 10 year down-the-line, then refrain from fast foods. 

2. Affects sleep

The other day I came across advertisements that said ” Hungry!! And it’s too early for dinner? snack on” , “Bored with regular green vegetables? Snack on”. These commercials attract young people, especially adolescents.

Of late a study was conducted on adolescents taking fast foods. Data of which testifies that, having fast food at night reduces duration and quality of sleep. 

Noteworthy point is, this sleep deprivation is linked to obesity too. It is in fact a vicious cycle. The more you consume junk food, the less you get to sleep. Also when you sleep late you itch more for fast food. And the cycle goes on. 

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3. Reduces immunity

In recent days there is so much buzz around calorie count of food. But what is more fundamental than calorie is nutrient. A diet with balanced nutrients is rational and wholesome. 

Fast foods are deprived of multivitamins, proteins, minerals, which are essential elements of food for boosting immunity. Instead junk foods are overloaded with refined carbohydrates, saturated fats, excess sodium and chemicals like nitrosamines. Thus feasting on junk food is a free invitation to infective diseases.

4. Acne eruption

Have you ever paid attention that often acnes breakout few days after taking junk food ? It’s not just a coincidence. Rather a striking scientific correlation is found between acne and junk food.

Our diet influences sebaceous gland ( oil secreting gland of skin ) activity. Fast food has factors that stimulate excess oil secretion, catalyzing acne eruption.

On top of it fast foods are rich in processed carbohydrates and unhealthy fats, and poor in antioxidants. This contributes to oxidative stress and acne. 

5. Increased constipation and bloating

Constipation is a silent pandemic in present age. Every other person is troubled with constipation. Our faulty diet habit is primarily to be blamed for this. 

The way noodles, especially Maggi have gained popularity is one such reason for constipation. Additionally fast foods like burger, sandwich, pizza, white bread, chips are also notorious for disturbing bowel habit. 

6. Reduced productivity at work

Fast food is in fact ‘fatty food’ that is depleted in fibers. When we overindulge ourselves with this fatty food, most of our energy is channeled away towards digestion of food. This is how our work productivity is lowered.

Thereby having late night fast foods and snacks reduces work efficiency the next morning.

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7. Increase migraine.

Do you know that, certain foods can actually trigger migraine ? Ingredients like nitrates, nitrites, monosodium glutamate and artificial sweeteners make a person prone to migraine attacks.

Apart from that foods like processed meat, frozen foods also incite migraine. So it is wise to avoid these foods as much as possible. 


Out of all smart people in world, smartest are the marketers of fast food industry. There are fast food centres at every nuke and corner. Still new ones are popping up daily. On top of it, there are food delivery apps too at our finger tips.

But once we are aware of our health, we can change our habits too. I hope this blog brings about necessary forethought. If so comment below and share with your near and dear.

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