Do you remember those times, when your story of love just started out? When each day was filled with exhilaration and every moment was full of romance. Whole world seemed to be enchanted, much like a fairy tale. But things have not been the same thereafter. But you can always bring back charm of those magical days by presenting a thoughtful gift. Know what to give someone for Valentine’s Day. Here are 9 unique gift ideas at reasonable price. 


9-unique-gift-ideas-for-your-partner- memory-book

A memory book or a journal is an ideal way to capture thoughts and store memories. It helps us treasure those little moments in life which otherwise would have been lost. It encourages us to celebrate those little success which otherwise would have been ignored.

To pen down our wandering thoughts, a great varieties of journals are readily available in market ; be it a year planner, a slam book, a gratitude journal, a self care diary or a locked notebook. Thus a journal not only looks appealing but also inspires your partner to move forward and grow in life. 

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Cards may sound a bit old school. But if truth to be told cards are never out of trend.

Though hand made cards are the best, but it demands a great deal of effort and time, to prepare such cards. Therefore it’s a sensible idea to grab a card from offline or online store.

A special kind of card called as “explosion box card” is well-liked now a days. It resembles a box from outside. But, when you open it, multiple layers of card fan out. Curiously, you will find a small gift inside it.

So, explosion box card is a brand new and exciting concept for a gift.

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Indoor plants help us to connect with mother nature. Gifting an indoor plant in fact means, sending someone positive vibe and good fortune.

On top of everything, as per recent research several indoor plants are “natural air purifiers” too. These take in toxic gases and emit oxygen. It’s incredible ; isn’t it ?

Practically you have endless options of decorative plants that need minimal care and attention. Below I have hand picked some best houseplants :

  • Succulents
  • Croton
  • Dragon plant or Dracaena 
  • Snake plant or Sansevieria 
  • Money plant
  • Bonsai 
  • Lucky bamboo

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If you are interested to know what to give someone for Valentine’s Day that the other person can use day in and day out then here is a perfect idea. Present something that will enable your partner to receive calls, attend meetings and listen to music, podcasts audiobooks etc. 

Yes, I am talking about earphone. It has multitude of functions and is super useful. Moreover a bluetooth ear phone makes things even a lot easier.

Besides it keeps our body at a distance from cell phone, hence minimising radiation hazards. At the end of the day, your spouse is going to be heartily thankful to you.

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Pleasant smell is an essence of romance. Some people theorise that a scented atmosphere creates feeling of lovingness. Hence gifting a scented candle will rightly do justice to your emotions. 

To add to this, a candle is neither too bright nor too gloomy. It has just enough light and warmth for a cozy romantic evening. 

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Demand of custom-made gifts are on high. And why not !!!! Giving a personal touch to a gift multiplies it’s value far beyond any price. 

There are unlimited options out there under this category of customised gifts. For instance customised pen stand, table clock, caricature, LED lamp, jewellery, coffee mug, pillow cover, card holder etc. Out of all these, a classy “customised wood engraved frame” is my favourite. 

As its name implies, this frame is engraved with a photo of customer’s choice. It is further inscribed with few meaningful lines. Its simple and minimalist design separates it from other conventional photo frames.

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What I like most about lamps is that these are aesthetically pleasing as well as pocket friendly. Lamps are available at prices ranging from few hundred rupees upto few thousand rupees.

Numerous types of lamps are out-there, such as LED lamp, rock salt lamp, string lights, light curtain, oil lamp, crystal lamp, glass lamp, diya, lantern designed lamps etc. Out of all these multicoloured mosaic glass lamps and crystal lamps are more alluring, as these have a traditional touch.

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Life is nothing but a bag full of experiences. Spending money on gathering experiences is indeed a wise investment. 

You may have noticed that you love to surround yourself more often with those people, with whom you explore new things and carry out adventures. Why not apply this same logic to condition your relationship!

Go on an exploration with your partner once in a while. It may include biking, water sports, wild life safari, camping, hot air ballooning, microlight flying, outdoor sports etc.

These activities surge adrenaline rush inside body. Hence, if you are curious to know what to give someone on Valentine’s Day, that will keep thrill and excitement of relationship alive then this is it.

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Speaking for myself, I don’t like to keep pets. First reason being pet is a responsibility and I will not be able to look after it. Secondly a pet can not accompany you for rest of your life, which is a nasty truth. 

Anyway if your partner is wild about pet and also can take good care of it, then gifting the same is best idea ever. It will spark an undying smile on your partner’s face.

But here I would like to highlight that, before making up your mind to get a plant or a pet, consider all pros and cons of this decision. No way you can harm an innocent life. You need to make sure that they are adopted as family members rather than treated like objects. 

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This is all about what to give someone on Valentine’s Day. If you are still in doubt whether presenting a gift to someone special in your life is a good idea or not, then here is a solution.

I have created an interesting animation video on 5 reasons why should you give gifts to your partner. Click below to watch this video.

To wind up : 

Figuring out what to give someone on Valentine’s Day is in fact a difficult and confusing task. I hope this blog eliminates all confusions. Do you have any other unique gift idea to share, which is at reasonable price? Mention in the comment box below. 

But when you decide what to gift, bear in mind that a relationship is not all about exchanging gifts.

No matter how pricey your gift is, it’s never a replacement for care and attention. On other hand if you invest time and effort into your relationship, then an inexpensive gift becomes precious too.