When we talk about goal and purpose in life, most often it is not a singular purpose we are living for. We have varied purposes, like family, work, health, personal, social causes etc. Can we balance it all in one solitary life! Yes, and here Sunday comes as a savior. In “work-life-balance”, the word ‘balance’ probably refers to Sunday. In this blog we will talk through what is there to do on a Sunday.

1.Making bed

Regardless of fact that making bed is a routine daily chore, I have especially mentioned it here for some reason. On Sundays we usually wake up late and laze around. In doing so we procrastinate to make bed as well. And that cluttered bed keeps lying there all across the day. 

But when we are mostly at home on a Sunday, better to keep our surrounding such, that we take a joy in staying at home. When things around are orderly placed, our mind is also at ease. 

2.Cook an innovative recipe

We all have so many things pending for Sunday, like laundry, de-cluttering, cleaning etc. But it would be too mechanical, if an entire Sunday is a scheduled Sunday. Thus, we can make some room for things that are little deviating from routine.

Trying out an innovative recipe is a ripping idea. A simplistic food like making an interesting salad, preparing homemade healthy drink recipes that taste better than prepacked juices., baking something contemporary can be tried. 

3.At home spa

On week-days we expend so much time and effort on respective family or profession that we barely have anything left for ourselves. Therefore, Sunday is the time when we can actually rekindle ourselves. There are so many means how we can practice self-care and find self-worth in life. And at home spa is one of them.

At home spa can be so relaxing with nominal expenses. Choose a quiet room. To set mood up light few scented candles and dim the lights. Switch off or silent mobile phone, to keep interference at minimum. Tune into some light music or podcast to further vibe it up.

Change into a comfortable cotton bath robe or any comfy loose breathable cloth. Treat yourself with a hot cup of tea or coffee which is better as per you. A herbal caffeine free tea with Indian herbs like lemon grass, ginger, black pepper is therapeutic for both body and mind. These herbs are the foods that has immunity booster properties.

Put on a face and body mask. Mud mask (Multani mitti mask with rose water) or a handmade aloe vera mask which has soothing and moisturizing effect are superior. Get a hair mask if you want. Place feet inside warm salted water. Finally cover your eyes with cucumber eye mask and loosen up. 

If you have a bathtub, then take some warm water. Pep it up with bath salt and few drops of essential oil. Create a bubble bath if you have bubble bath soap. At home spa will de-stress all nerves and brain. It’s like you are treating yourself royally. 

4.Outdoor activities 

If your workplace demands you to avail less weekends, then whatever Sunday you get, you feel like goofing up at home and sleeping on couch whole day watching some web-series. Once in a while you can choose to be a sloth on a Sunday, and that’s okay.

But what happens at the end of the day? You feel even more lifeless. You don’t have spirit or enthusiasm left for coming week. So, outdoor activities are pivotal. It can be anything like stepping out with family for lunch/dinner, travelling somewhere, playing cricket with friends, walking or cycling etc. 

Spending a week exclusively within four walls of home/workplace can be sickening. So, at weekend go out amid nature and revive yourself. Healing-touch-of-nature is why nature is all-important for our body and mind.


Do something offbeat on each Sunday. Our life is not supposed to be eat-work-sleep and repeat. No matter if you are 17 or 70, passion for living should not die.