Weekends are the most refreshing part in our lives. And what would be more satisfying than spending a weekend, making some cool homemade crafts, as I did this time !! When it comes to gifting someone, these handmade stuffs are appealing too. On this occasion of Rakhi, let us channel our creativity to learn how to make rakhi at home and surprise our brothers. 

A brother-sister relationship is unparalleled . ‘Raksha-bandhan’ is a popular Hindu festival which celebrates this virtuous relation. On this festival sister ties a ‘Rakhi’ on her brother’s wrist. In return, brother promises to protect her all through .

What is a Rakhi ?

Basically a rakhi is crafted from thread. A variety of colourful rakhis are readily available in market close to rakhi season. Here I am sharing some super-easy, super-quick and super-fun ways on how to make rakhi at home. You must try it on this rakhi season.


Pom Pom Rakhi 

If you are willing to learn how to make rakhi at home in easiest possible way then go for a pom pom rakhi. It takes hardly few minutes to prepare. Moreover pom pom rakhi is overly simple and pretty cute.

Requirements :

Only 3 basic materials are needed to make a cute Pom Pom rakhi

  1. A yarn / thread ( peach colour )
  2. A pair of scissors 
  3. A match box/ ruling scale

12 Steps : 


1 . Choose a soft yarn or else a thick embroidery thread. I have taken a peach coloured embroidery thread as in the picture. It is handily available in any nearby store.

2 . Roll the yarn/ thread to multiple layers around a matchbox/ ruling scale like shown in figure.

Alternatively, keep your index and middle fingers of left hand straight and closely apposed. Wrap the yarn/thread around these 2 fingers.

3 . Remove the roll by sliding over the ruling scale/ matchbox/ fingers.

4 . Use another thread to tie it at its midpoint with a single tight knot like in the image.


5 . Form another such roll.

Remember that more layers are added to the roll, fluffier the Pom Pom rakhi looks.

6 . Keep the second coil of thread at the centre of first one. Align its length perpendicular to the length of first roll as depicted. 

7 . Further tie it firmly with 2 knots. 

8 . Cut the folded ends of these bundle of yarn/ thread with a pair of scissors.


9 . Now brush it with a tooth brush gently such that the individual strands of each yarn separates. This imparts a more fluffy and bushy look to the Pom pom .

Be careful and be mild while doing so. Always hold at centre of the knot while brushing, in such a way that threads don’t come out.

10 . Trim the ends to give it a spherical shape.

11 . Take some time for final touch up.

12 . Your adorable pom pom rakhi is ready 

You can choose whatever colour you prefer. Besides, you can use a mix of different coloured threads in a single pom pom rakhi. However withhold from too dark colours.


Beaded rakhi

Another rakhi that is easy and trendy is beaded one. Colourful beads can be put together in various ways to design infinite numbers of patterns. Here is the simplest bead pattern, that you are absolutely going to like.

Requirements :

Most wonderful part about this rakhi is, you need only 3 basic things to get started.

  1. A thread / yarn ( yellow )
  2. Few beads ( white and red )
  3. Needle

12 Steps :


1 . Pick out few colourful beads of your choice. Herein I have chosen white and red beads.

2 . Take a yarn or a thick thread. I went for a piece of yellow embroidery thread here.

3 . Fasten a knot, not exactly at centre but few centimetres to its left.

4 . Now insert right end of thread into a needle. Slide the oval bead into this needle.


5 . Push this red oval bead across the thread so that it lies close to the knot, on its left.

6 . Split the thread at right end to 2 halves.

7 . Insert 3 white beads in each of these strands from right end as displayed.

8 . Take a small red bead and insert the 2 split threads through its hole in opposite direction, one by one. The threads should remain in a crossed manner as shown. It is  comfortable and less clumsy if you use needle for this step.


9 . Next insert 3 white beads in each strand ( same as step 7 )

10 . Place another red bead ( same as step 8 )

11 . Now repeat step 7 and 8 , till you construct a good length of beads.

12 . Last in order, insert a red oval bead and fix a knot just to its right. Your pretty beaded rakhi is all prepped.

You can certainly customise thousands of varieties of such beaded rakhi by simply mixing and matching beads and threads. Furthermore you can invent a new pattern of arrangement of beads as well.


Silk thread rakhi 

Art and crafts of silk thread are quite sought-after these days.
If you want to know how to make rakhi at home that is vividly colourful and eye-catching then silk thread rakhi is the best choice. It has a characteristic traditional touch as well.

Requirements :

It is an easy-peasy rakhi, that requires just minimum materials as below. 

  1. Silk thread ( red and green ) 
  2. Scissors
  3. Gum
  4. A stone/ bead / sequin
  5. A matchbox / ruling scale

12 Steps :


1 . Pick silk threads of 2 different colours. Over here, I have opted for red and green.

2 . Wind one thread ( green ) encircling a match box or around any such thing multiple times.

Make sure to add a thick layer of thread.

3 . Slip it from match box.

4 . Tie it at centre as demoed.


5 . Cut both ends of this roll. Now the shape would resemble a bow.

6 . Likewise repeat the same with another thread ( red ) to form a similar bow. Following this, put gum at centre of one such bow.

7 . Place centre of second bow over this gum, so that both bows are perpendicular to each other. Now trim the ends so as to shape a circular outline. 

8 . Apply a little gum at centre of this circle as shown.


9 . Stick a stone / sequin / bead to it. Here I have handpicked a pearl like bead as it looks stunning with silk.

10 . Put some gum on exact opposite side, where bead is attached.

11 . Glue a double thread / yarn neatly to it.

12 . A gorgeous silk thread handmade rakhi is all set. 

Winding up

It was really fun to attempt how to make rakhi at home on weekend. Especially Pom Pom Rakhi is my favourite. You too try it and let me know your experience. Is there any DIY project that you tried and enjoyed ? Leave your fun experience in the comment box below. 

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