How a teeny- tiny virus has changed everyone’s lifestyle, has taken the whole world by surprise. Mankind is put on back foot by something which is not even visible to the naked eye. As the virus kept advancing fast across borders, every possible option was tried to keep it in check. But, one thing that spread faster than the virus itself, is the rumours surrounding it. This post will reveal some popular myths and facts about coronavirus. 

A myth is  always more fascinating than truth. It tells you something, that your mind wants to listen. That is the reason, myths are more believable than facts.

What is “death spiral”?


There is a phenomenon in ants called ‘death spiral’. Here, one ant secrets pheromones. Then rest of the ants start following it in spiral motion. Although these ants don’t realise what is going on, they proceed blindly. Ultimately, this turns into a death trap.

Misinformation can be deadly just like ‘death spiral’. It is too contagious. People circulate misinformation or myth without verifying. Subsequently, it can be a disaster. Thus we need to be careful. We must validate an information before clicking that forward button.

Below I have listed top myths and facts about coronavirus.

Myth 1 : Coronavirus can not spread in hot and humid climate. 


Though, symptoms of corona virus includes fever and dry cough. It does not imply that this infection is exclusive to cold climate.

The disease profile of the virus differs from flu. Further, we have observed that in hot climatic conditions like Singapore, Australia, Arab countries etc. this virus has transmitted at similar intensity as cold countries. 

Myth 2 : Standing under heated sun or taking hot water bath prevents covid 19.

Like any other virus, corona virus gets killed when exposed to intense heat. However, human body maintains core temperature between 36.5 to 37 degree celsius.

This core temperature is unaltered irrespective of exposure to scorching sun or hot bath. Hence, even under these conditions, virus can survive inside your body.

Myth 3 :Coronavirus can not transmit in ice cold weather.

Same as explained above, our body temperature is preserved no matter what the outside temperature is. So coronavirus can reside inside humans and transfer to another person too, in extreme cold weather.

Myth 4 :Taking garlic or pepper everyday can prevent you from getting corona infection.

A message circulated in social media that, boiling 7-8 cloves of garlic in 8-10 cup of water and taking it daily, safeguards from covid19. Besides, a number of people also believed that taking pepper daily can defend from corona infection. Though both garlic and pepper boost immunity and both have anti microbial property. But neither of these Indian spices assures protection from corona virus.

Again, there is a rumour that people having rasam daily are immune to corona virus. Steer clear of these kind of rumours.

Myth 5 :Vitamin C is effective in averting corona virus infection.


Vitamin C is an immunity booster. Meta analysis has proved that vitamin C curtails duration of cough, cold and flu. Regardless, it can not lessen severity of flu. Up until now, there is no evidence that vitamin C has any effect against corona infection.

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Myth 6 :Taking warm water repeatedly is effective against corona infection.

As per another social media message, dry throat is susceptible for invasion by coronavirus. It further claimed that, if we take warm water every 15 min, then it will keep throat moist and wash the virus down. 

Undeniably, taking sufficient water is a healthy habit. But, it can not rinse out corona infection.

Myth 7 : Mosquitoes and flies are vectors in spreading covid19.

Mosquitoes are notorious for transmitting deadly diseases like malaria, dengue etc. But certainly neither mosquitoes nor flies are culprits for spreading corona virus.

Instead, this virus passes on from one person to other, either by droplets or contaminated hands or through infected fomites. 

Myth 8 : Taking non vegetarian foods can spread corona.

Cost of non vegetarian foods dipped, following above myth. Whereas, the fact is non vegan foods including egg, chicken, fish, meat etc. can be consumed safely, after properly washing and cooking.

Myth 9 : Pets can be carriers for coronavirus.

As of now, there is no documentation that, pets can carry this virus.

Myth 10 : Consumption of alcohol protects from contracting coronavirus infection.

This myth emerged, as alcohol based hand sanitizer was used to sanitize hands. People speculated that if alcohol can kill virus on skin, it can do so inside body too.

In contrary, taking alcohol further suppresses immune system. So refrain from alcohol intake. 

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Myth 11 : Disinfectant spray on body can prevent covid19.

Disinfectants are intended to be used, on surfaces of non living objects. In practice, it should never be applied on humans or animals. Because, just like alcohol, it can not destroy virus inside body. Rather it may harm your skin. Also, injecting disinfectant is fatal.

Myth 12 : Antibiotics are effective against corona virus.

Antibiotics eliminate bacteria but not viruses. Moreover, if we take antibiotics unnecessarily it will lead to antibiotics resistance. Now a days, scientists are researching extensively to find out an effective remedy against this virus. Yet, till date we do not have any licensed medication to use against covid19.

Myth 13 : Thermal scan can diagnose people with corona virus infection.


Thermal scan detects whether a person has raised body temperature or not. If a person has fever due to some other ailment, then also scanner shows elevated temperature. At the same time, if a corona-infected person is asymptotic or afebrile, then scanner displays normal temperature. 

So, temperature scanning is a ‘screening procedure’ to identify ‘symptomatic covid patients’ .But it is not diagnostic. Testing in lab is the only means to confirm or rule out presence of coronavirus infection. 

Myth 14 : Holding breath for 10 seconds excludes corona virus infection.

Recently this theory appeared that, to exclude corona virus infection, you need to hold your breath for 10 seconds. In case, you are able to do so, then you are not infected with corona. But the fact is something different. 

A person having covid 19 can have a spectrum of symptoms. The symptoms range from being totally asymptotic to having breathing difficulties.

Thus a covid19 patient with no or mild symptom can hold breath for 10 seconds. On the other hand, a patient with some other respiratory illness, with impaired lung function can not carry out breathe holding.

There fore, breath holding does not exclude covid19. In fact, testing is the only method to diagnose it.

Myth 15 : Corona virus disseminates faster in regions with 5G network. 

When I first came across this weird message, I could not think of any logic behind it. Still, some people believed it. But, world has observed that, this virus has spread to many countries with or without  5G network. Hence, this funny message is as baseless as it sounds.

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Myth 16 : Corona virus infects only elderly.

One of the facts about coronavirus is, it can infect everyone irrespective of age. But elderly persons and people with weak immune system are particularly at risk of developing complications.

To sum up :

The myths and facts about coronavirus that I discussed above are purely scientific. Facts are collected entirely based on medical knowledge and informations. I have listed below the authentic websites, that I took reference from. You can follow these links for detail information.

Let us take responsibility for what we share on any social media platform. Though these platforms have developed features to check rumours, still it is not possible without our participation.

Leave your opinion in the comment box below. Share the facts about coronavirus with others as well and break this chain of rumours.