‘Worry’ is helpful up to a certain extent. Nevertheless, when it is exaggerated and unnecessary, it will drain your energy out. Then it will trouble you more than the real problem itself. Unfortunately very few people are lucky enough to know how to deal with stressful situations in life. They are really calm at challenging times. 

Some people may seem quite cool on surface. But there is a whole new story going on inside their mind. Hence we can not anticipate what circumstances someone is going through, by merely looking at someone.

I am someone who belongs to the category of ‘overthinking person’. At some point or the other most of us do that. Eventually we get caught in our own web of thoughts and get stressed. That is why stress management is important.

At times life has presented me with alternative paths, to cope up with stress. I imbibed few lessons which are worth learning and worth sharing too. Sometimes I discovered various ideas by my own. Moreover, sometimes folks close to me, have taught me unexpected ways to deal with it.

Below are 6 ways how to deal with stressful situations, which I actualised over a period of time. I hope that these tips are useful to you too.

1. Control your breathing


It sounds simple yet silly. How this kind of practice is even practical ! I had this thought when the very first time I heard of it from a friend. However, to my surprise it worked.

Whenever I felt caught up between web of my own speculations, I stopped for a while. I closed my eyes and breathed. I counted from 1 to 20 and respired slowly and deeply with every count. Meanwhile I focused all my concentration on pattern of breathing. Each time, after end of this exercise, my mind got decluttered.

This is simple method how to deal with stress positively. It is not any sort of magic. There is a science backing this too. Once you breathe slowly and deeply, few chemicals are released inside body. This gives an “all is well” feeling. Mind is deceived. This technique may need some time and practice initially, but it is worth it.

2. Live in present


It is not a secret anymore that, living in present is everything that you need to do to stop worrying. Every Motivational speaker, book and ted talk will instruct you this as one of the stress management techniques. It is because, everything  that disturbs us is either owing to some bad memory of past or apprehension regarding uncertainty of future. 

But, living in present is not a simple task practically. Because, the monkey mind keeps on wondering here and there. However a simple advice from one of my dearest friend resolved this issue.

One thing that you need to do is keep yourself so much occupied that mind hardly gets any time to roam around. Best course of action is to set a goal, be it for short term or long term. Then head towards it with all your spirit.

Working towards a goal and living in present is the best way how to manage stress better.

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3. Spending quality social time


Invest some time talking to your family members or friends. The topic need not relate to the factor that is bothering you. Rather, it can be diverse and unrelated in toto.

It is always revitalising to sit with your dear ones and have a chat with them. You can also carry out some activities together to lighten up your mood.

Though it is preferable to meet your loved ones in person. However, it may not be always feasible. These days you can video chat or group chat and connect with family members and old buddies.

It assures that nothing has changed. Life feels more secured and safe. Hence it is a refreshing way how to deal with stressful situations.

4. Reading a self help book


My personal experience with worrying was literally extreme. By the time I realised this fact I lost peace of my mind altogether. When your mind is not under your control, rather it starts ruling over you, it leaves you paranoid and anxious.

By then I was reluctant to admit it or even think about it. Discussing the matter with someone was out of question. As I was not aware of what was going on. I had absolutely no clue what stress management techniques are all about. With disturbed sleep and crazy thoughts I was almost dead inside.

Not being able to reveal it to anyone, left me sick. I felt like passing through a pitch dark tunnel. The journey appeared to be endless. This is when I came across a self-help book named ‘celebrating silence’. Till date, I am indebted to the person from whom I received that book. I keep the book handy with me all the time.

That was the first out of syllabus book I studied with curiosity. Every day before going to bed I flipped through it for 10 mins. After 1 month I was a more orderly and sorted person than I was ever. 

Another book named ‘Who will cry when you die’ is also a very rational motivational book. It is one of the smallest piece of writing I have ever read. I recommend this book to everyone.

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5. Idolise someone


Recently I read a line, which had a deep impact on me. The line says, “ When you are in distress then behave like you are a person, whom you idolise. “

We all have someone or the other whom we consider as flawless. The person who takes the best decisions in life even in worst circumstances. The person who behaves the way an optimal human being should behave. The one person whom we look up to. 

Suppose I am facing a rough situation or I am stressing out. Then, I would fantasise myself to be that person, who is ideal for me. Then I start acting in a much normal way.

6. Being spiritual


Spiritual and religious are not synonymous. Being spiritual means you start connecting yourself to a higher self. Meditation is an effective mean to achieve spirituality.

Gradually you are conscious of the fact that nothing is under your control. Thus leave the burden you are carrying with you to the almighty. Let him take care of it. Surrender your suffering, happiness or anything that you are holding. After all, you own nothing. 

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To conclude

I hope my individual experiences on how to deal with stressful situations, will be practicable for you as well. I will be more than happy if you state your life experiences regarding the same in the comment box below. Share the post with your near and dear ones and spread knowledge.

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