Time is blowing like a whirlwind. It seems as if yesterday I discovered that I was pregnant and today I am holding a month old baby in my arms. When the year 2020 was unfolding the grimmest of all time, it presented me with the finest gift. Here I am sharing the experiences of my pregnancy from day one.

1. Breaking the news


The very first time I uncovered my pregnancy, a bundle of emotions ran across my mind. A feeling of joy, responsibility, excitement, nervousness, apprehension and what not.

More than anything, there was a sense of gratitude. It is this time, when I took pride of being a woman. I was beholden for being able to carry a ‘life’ inside me.

It is purely a miracle, isn’t it ? Furthermore, sharing pregnancy news with your partner and watching his blended expressions is worth remembering.

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2. Carrying pregnancy


We fell in love with this unseeable life, from the very first day. The bond grew further stronger, when we sighted the gestational sac in initial ultrasound. Every single day since then was a roller-coaster ride.

Morning sickness, night hunger, disturbed sleep, body changes, ultimate tiredness, swollen feet, emotional extremes, palpitations and so on. These whole bunch of experiences were spanking new. 

Story of my pregnancy from day one has been a remarkable journey. Some days were tough, some were easy and some were just another day.

Each day when I glanced at mirror, I could not actually appreciate that I was carrying a baby, till one day I woke up with tiny adorable kicks. Just as if someone is saying, “ knock knock, I am here.” That was the day when I went about counting days.

3. Delivery day


Around term, as we were edging nearer to parenthood, it was too hard to mute my mind. A chain of thoughts would ferry me to a whole new world. Soon the due day landed. It is beyond words to express those pre-delivery feelings.

And finally, her first cry put a curtain to 9 month long pregnancy days.  When I first got a glimpse of her pink little face I turned totally numb. Every bit of pain and every second of wait was all worth it.

The joy was immense. Corona-time had cut down hospital visits. Hence we reached out to all near and dear ones through video calls. I had never witnessed people around me, especially my partner, so overjoyed in recent times. And this was just the beginning.

4. Post delivery 


It has been a month now. Time is running like crazy, so am I. Literally I don’t have time to even look at the watch. Priorities have shifted. Life has reformed. Days and nights are no different. Meanwhile, It’s a stroke of luck to have a supportive family to lend a hand. 

Seeing my little girl grow is much the same as watching myself growing. To be honest what I did realise till now is that a baby and especially a baby girl fills a home with cheer and smile.

5. What it feels like


Being a paediatrician I have observed a number of kids, starting from their day one of life. Along with, I had studied a lot about them. Nevertheless my learning as a mother is beyond any book or any clinical experience. This pregnancy from day one has taught me loads of lessons.

No, it’s not any easier for a mother cum paediatrician to raise a kid, as it appears to be. Rather, it is really absurd that when you are aware of things, then you become overly cautious. But on brighter side, you know how to deal with some conventional baby problems or ways to prevent those. 

6. The journey begins 


The journey has just begun. Presently, we are looking ahead to what is in the store for us. Waiting for those first baby milestones to come. Waiting for those days I would learn more from her sinless childhood than teaching her. Awaiting for those little moments of pleasure.

‘Motherhood in progress……’

PS : Probably I have rounded off this blog at a go, with minimal effort and time. May be because every word expressed here about my pregnancy from day one, is straight out from my heart.

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