Our quality of life depends greatly on our quality of sleep. You all will agree that, a cheerful morning begins when you get a restful sleep the night before. In recent past, I  experienced a difference in my sleep pattern, when I tried and tested few sleep mattresses. Hence I am elaborating here, how to decide which mattress is right for you at a reasonable price. Also I will write an unbiased WAKEFIT vs SLEEPX mattress review. 

Fundamental types of mattress : 

I was always familiar with cotton mattress, the one I was using for years. When I made up my mind to get a proper mattress, I basically had zero knowledge on the topic. Clearly I was not aware of the most basic things about mattress.

Hence I am sharing some key insight into types of mattress below, so that no one should feel left out on this subject.

1.Foam mattress

These are solely made out of foam material. It is very soft and sinks in when pressed. This is definitely not recommended in back pain.

2.Coir mattress

These are made up of coir, a fibrous covering of coconut shell. These beddings are non-flexible .

3.Foam plus coir mattress

These are manufactured using foam as well as coir. Foam and coir are put together in various proportions to bring about a wide range of firmness. 

4.Orthopaedic memory foam mattress

These are made of up distinct layers. The number and type of layers vary as per brands.

But for a quick understanding we can say that it has broadly 2 layers. This has a top layer of memory foam and base layer of high density foam. 

The word “orthopaedic” speaks about the back support this mattress provides. In contrary, you may not find all brands of orthopaedic memory foam mattress comfortable for your back.

5.Latex mattress 

It is composed of a natural product named “latex”. Latex mattress is comfy and spongy. However it costs dearly.

6.Spring mattress

This mattress embodies spring coils and foams inside. It lets you enjoy a spring-like bouncy effect. This is commonly found in five star hotels. It’s so cushiony that you just want to lie and luxuriate in it. Anyway for long run, it doesn’t encourage back support.

Before buying :

Before you buy any mattress following 4 things should be taken care of.

  • Measure the dimensions of your bed and note what size of mattress will fit into it.
  • Figure out thickness of mattress as per your need.
  • Select type of mattress that you are most comfortable with.
  • Fix a budget.

For us, we needed a king size 78*72 mattress having a thickness of 8 inch. We opted for an orthopaedic memory foam mattress. For that, we were willing to pay upto a maximum of 20,000/- INR and preferably less than 15,000/- INR.

Choosing mattress at store :

Many brands provide door step demonstration facility. For this you need to book an online appointment. Soon after a representative will be sent to your house with sample mattresses. If you choose to stay at home, then this is the best possibleway  out there.

We preferred to visit nearby mattress stores to asses softness and comfort of broad range of mattresses. We explored dozens of options under various well established brands like Sleepwell, Kurlon, Duroflex, Eclipse, Peps etc. 

But all those options were beyond our reach, owing to their high cost. Price of a decent mattress ranged between 30k to 50k INR. Nevertheless we gathered a gross idea of buying mattress.

Research and analysis :

After we dropped the plan of purchasing mattress from store, we researched online about mattresses in our budget. When we took into account of cost factor, our search narrowed down to 6 choices mentioned below.

  1. Wakefit 
  2. Sleepx
  3. Cocoon mattress
  4. Sleepycat 
  5. Sleepyhead 
  6. Emma

These are some latest emerging brands in mattress market. These brands are well received now a days as cheaper alternatives.

Yet another benefit is they offer free trial for several nights, apart from warranty. For instance Wakefit and Sleepx offer 100 nights free trial whereas Sleepycat provides 30 nights free trial or 100% refund.

First 3 options are elaborated below.


Eventually after considering all factors, we decided to go for Wakefit orthopaedic memory foam mattress.

It was pocket friendly i.e less than 14000/- INR for a size of 78*72*8”. Delivery was prompt, that is only just 2-3 days. Special attraction was its packaging. It was duly rolled and packed as a compact cylinder. 

We put this mattress to trial for more than 30 days. Overall Wakefit orthopaedic memory foam mattress is great at this price range. It is quite cosy to lay on. We liked everything about this mattress, barring one. It is overly spongy to sit on. Whenever you sit on it, it sinks inside. This culminates in poor back support.

We let ourselves get adjusted to it, but after a month finally made a choice to return. As it was within 100 nights free trial period we didn’t confront any issue.

I must say that customer care of Wakefit is commendable. For us, the return and refund process was absolutely smooth.

So the bottom line is if you have back pain or you don’t like soft mattress or you use bed very often for sitting too then Wakefit is not right choice.

On the other hand, if you are fond of soft mattress and don’t have back related issue and you use bed mostly for sleeping then go for it. Because the price of less than 14000/- INR for an orthopaedic memory foam mattress is rather nominal.

Click here to check today’s price for Wakefit orthopedic memory foam mattress.


After we returned Wakefit mattress, we were more precise about our requirements and suitability. We were on the hunt for a relatively firm mattress to our liking. Clearly too soft mattress didn’t work for us. At last after a lots of doubt and dilemma we settled upon to buy orthopaedic memory foam mattress by SleepX. 

Sheela foams, Sleep well and SleepX

“Sheela foams” is a market giant in mattress manufacturing. It produces high quality “memory foams”. You might not have heard of Sheela foams, but you certainly have heard about the brand name “Sleep well”. “Sleep well” belongs to the owner Sheela foams.

Usually a good quality orthopaedic memory foam mattress of Sleep well amounts to roughly 50,000/- INR. But recently another cost-effective sub-brand of Sleep well has emerged i.e. “SleepX”. Sheela foams is the maker of SleepX mattress as well.


A very recent  model by Sleep well is “Cocoon mattress”. It has its own pros and cons as disclosed below.

Pros :

  • Budget friendly 
  • Brand value of Sleep well
  • Available online
  • 3 serviceable varieties (gentle, firm and half-half)
  • Customisable

If your spouse prefers soft mattress and you like firm one better or vice versa then Cocoon mattress is an ultimate choice for you. Because Sleep well will custom-make it to be a “half-half” mattress, where half of mattress is soft and other half is firm. You can also place an order for a complete soft or an entire firm cocoon mattress.

Cons : 

  • No sample is showcased at Sleep well store for demo.

You need to spend around 20,000/- rupees for a king size 78*72*6” cocoon mattress of any consistency. For a brand like Sleep well it’s a marginal price.

Click here to check today’s price of Cocoon mattress by Sleep well 


Ordering mattress :

We booked SleepX orthopaedic memory foam mattress of king size 78*72*8. For this we spent a sum close to 15000 rupees. It was expected to get delivered within 5-6 business days. As the due date arrived, we received a message. To our surprise it stated, “Product delivery will be delayed by another 2-3 days”. 

Thereafter we tried hard to get in touch with its customer care. However we didn’t receive any answer back. We were also not provided with any tracking id. So SleepX has undeniably the worst customer service. 

First look :

Getting the mattress was bit of hassle. Despite that we were delighted to receive our product, as it was superbly packed. SleepX mattress was not compressed or rolled like Wakefit mattress. It was in original shape right from the outset.

You may find photos of some SleepX mattresses with quilt designs, posted by customers in review section of Amazon website. The one we got was with no quilt design. The mattress flaunted an adorable purple colour and was of premium quality.

Layers :

It has 4 layers named from top to bottom as follows

a. High resilience foam

b. Next gen memory foam

c. High density foam

d. Softech quiltech foam in quilting 

First 2 layers are soft and rest 2 are firm.

Company claims that its mattress carries neem fresche technology to protect it from germs.

Feel and comfort :

Name “memory foam” denotes a foam that has memory. To rephrase it, this foam gets compressed when pressed and regains its original form when released and slowly gets adjusted to user’s body. Thereby it doesn’t leave permanent depression mark. 

The mattress is not too squishy. In fact it is firm. It has a cushioned layer of memory foam on top, which is slimmer compared to Wakefit and other competitors. Bottom layer is firm owing to high density foam. 

Below are 3 very short videos that demonstrate how soft an Orthopaedic-memory foam mattress by SleepX is.

  1. Video guide -1
  2. Video guide -2
  3. Video guide -3

Warranty :

SleepX mattress has a free trial period of 100 nights. It offers a warranty period of 3 years.

User experience :

We are using this mattress for over four months. It is cozy and restful to sleep on. It’s base layer is firm. Upmost layer is cushiony. But is not too soft to sink in. 

Often I used to turn and toss for some time before sleeping. But this particular mattress has reconditioned my sleep pattern. Sleep is induced within minutes of lying on it. Moreover you get a sound sleep throughout. 

Another advantage is, it doesn’t depress too much when you sit on. Hence it is beneficial for back-support. Further you can comfortably sleep or sit close to its edge too.

Overall this happens to be a good product at a price of 15000/- rupees.

Click here to check today’s price for SleepX orthopaedic memory foam mattress 

Mattress cover :

Contrary to Wakefit mattress which comes with inbuilt zipped cover, Sleepx mattress doesn’t have it. Thus you need to purchase a mattress cover to protect it from dirt. 

Mattress protector from SleepX is a cotton one. It protects mattress from liquids and stains. The cover is not smooth as we expected it to be. But it serves the purpose quite well. It actually protects mattress from stains. It is easy to wash and dry too.

Several other companies also sell mattress cover. The mattress cover of Sleepyhead is smoother as per its users. It is made up of natural bamboo terry. Hence it absorbs 40% more moisture compared to cotton, feel is better and has antibacterial properties.

This has a market price of nearly 1500/- rupees for a king size.

When you buy Sleepx mattress don’t forget to get a mattress cover as well, no matter whichever brand you choose.

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Discussing pros and cons of orthopaedic memory foam mattress by Sleepx :


  • Budget friendly 
  • Neither too spongy nor too stiff
  • Don’t put undue strain on spine while lying as well as sitting 
  • Reclaim its original shape quickly 
  • Classy in look and quality 
  • 100 nights free trial
  • 3 years warranty 


  • Lousy customer service 
  • Delayed delivery 
  • Heavy ( 65 kg ) unlike its close competitors 

Few people noted that it retains heat. They felt like, in summer you can’t sleep on it without sweating. But I personally have not encountered this problem so far. I would rather say that in a price range of about 15000/- rupees it’s an impressive deal.

There is one more mattress known as “orthopaedic memory foam cool gel mattress by SleepX”.It is especially designed to tackle heat-issue. This costs more or less 19000/- rupees. It’s the best time to grab this mattress as now it has all time lowest price. Time and again it’s price varies and goes upto 25000/- INR.

Click here to check today’s price for orthopaedic memory foam cool gel mattress by SleepX


Here is a thorough comparison of Wakefit and SleepX orthopaedic memory foam mattress :

Wakefit mattressSleepX mattress
Cost Around 14,000Around 15,000
FeelVery softFirm with soft upper layer
Memory foam Thick Thin
Comfort sleepGood Good
Sitting  Sinks when you sitDoes not sink
EdgeDoes not support youSupports you 
Warranty 10 years3 years
Free trial 100 nights100 nights
Inbuilt zipped cover Present Not present
Neem fresh technology NoPresent 

Buy SleepX orthopaedic memory foam mattress from Amazon 

A quick mattress buying guide for king size double bed :

  1. If your budget is around 50,000/- INR, then go for SLEEP WELL orthopaedic memory foam mattress without a doubt.
  2. If it is around 30,000 to 40,000/- INR and you are looking for a bouncy mattress,  then you should definitely opt PEPS, as they manufacture high-class spring mattress.
  3. For nearly 25,000/- INR budget, ECLIPSE ,DUROFLEX etc. are well-suited mattresses.
  4. If you have spending-plan of roughly upto 20,000/- INR for a soft mattress then SLEEPY-CAT ortho-memory foam mattress and SLEEPY-HEAD ortho- memory foam mattress are decent enough.
  5. If your budget is around 15,000/- INR, then select WAKEFIT or SLEEPX orthopaedic memory foam mattress.
  6. Then again if it’s less than 10,000/- INR, then pick out SLEEPX dual comfort mattress (around 8000/- INR) or WAKEFIT dual comfort mattress (around 8000/- INR) or a regular FOAM + COIR mattress of any decent brand.

Conclusion :

Picking a perfect mattress, is very often confusing. The reason for writing this blog is to help people do away with half-knowledge and indecision.

Internet is flooded with Wakefit mattress reviews and most of them don’t seem to be completely honest. Also Sleepycat mattress and Sleepyhead mattress have a number of reviews on web. In contrary I didn’t find any detailed appraisal of SleepX mattress. Moreover now a days it is tough to differentiate between paid reviews and genuine ones. 

For instance, people order something from Amazon, write an exceptional review and then return the product. So when you go through Amazon reviews, it confirms them as genuine buyers with 5 stars rating for that product.

Thus to deceive someone on internet is not difficult. But the trick to identify a critical review is, it reveals both positive and negative sides.

Hope you find this blog genuine and unbiased. Share with your near and dear ones who are still confused regarding buying mattress.