Have you heard about “butterfly effect”? It says a flap of butterfly can incite cyclone somewhere in world. What it means to say is a trivial event that seems so insignificant at present has capacity to bring significant impact in future. Thus, let us find out how small changes make a big difference in life and how to execute butterfly effect.


Sometimes life gets so tied up in work that tasks get stacked one after another. Thinking about crowded pending tasks all at once, seems quite overwhelming. Here ‘To do list’ comes as rescue. It plans out the tasks one by one methodically.

You might ponder how writing down the tasks help at all ? It infact does. Visual impulse has a great impact on our brain. It gets stored in our subconscious mind and has good chance of getting converted into action.

As discussed in my previous blog, tasks in “To do list” are purposeless if these don’t have deadlines. For instance, if I have been procrastinating to submit an application for days or weeks, in to do list I will jot down – ” Write and submit application today “. And that works for me.

Same goes with writing journals. Maintaining journals detangles our messy thoughts. It not only gets to the bottom of our issues, but also removes imaginary and nonexistent problems. To be honest “To do list” and journal have re-molded my life.


Cleaning is not just a habit, but it is an integral part of a person’s personality as a whole. To be frank I picked up the idea little late and am still learning it. I used to be a really messy person. I used to take things out of their place and then did not put those back after using.

But then I met few people over time, who were disciplined and inspiring. I noticed the difference in energy of entering into a sloppy room versus a tidy room. You might have perceived that too.

A well-kept desk drives us to spend more time studying. An uncluttered wardrobe stimulates us to utilize all our clothing instead of picking up that one usual dress. It’s not just a good mattress, but a neatly prepared bed that gives a good night’s sleep. Furthermore, a clean home where things are rightly placed is cozy and inviting. Not only we feel more like staying in this home but also it heightens our efficiency.


There are couple of things in life that can’t be explained but can only be experienced. One such example is importance of nature. When I start my day with morning walk and let my senses absorb fresh natural air and light, it inspirits a different vibe into the entire day. If you have not implemented this yet, you must try this stunt at home risk-free.

Same is the case at home too. Every morning I let fresh air and early sunrays enter inside room relentlessly. The brighter, the airer a room gets, especially in morning hour the calmer it feels. Try this out by yourself and see the aftereffect.


Beauticians encourage to use anti-aging skin products, after certain age. But do you know what really works to delay ageing !!! It’s antioxidants rich foods, which we wish to take and still forget to add in our diet.

Fruits, vegetables like cucumber and carrot, sprouts have all-important antioxidants. These not only counter ageing and cancer but also act as immunity boosters. Also, few Indian spices and herbs offer decent number of antioxidants too.

The simplest way for me is to have raw guava with some salt and chilli powder sprinkled on it. I literally never get bored of it. Mention your favourite fruit in comment box below, which you are never bored of.

Fruit in everyday diet brings noticeable result on skin and hair with due time.


Over time as we interact with more and more people, we figure out one simple fact. We realize that it’s pivotal to know when to speak and even more important to know when not to speak. This again needs self-control. But once we do that, we dodge a number of hassles and hazards.

Silence doesn’t only imply the external silence. It also means keeping our ever-chattering mind quiet. Dealing with this chaos, again demands a lot of self-control. It’s something you don’t imbibe in a single day. It’s a process. Meditation helps here.

Practice silence as when required for a single day, and notice how life is a win win situation.


This article doesn’t intend that I am perfectly practising all these things in my life. I have done and doing plenty of mistakes.

Truth be told, the person who have done mistakes and faced its consequences knows what works best. And then learning continues throughout life.