A luxury mall of its kind

UB city mall in Bangalore is one of the India’s first and most luxurious shopping mall established in 2008 by UB (United brewery) group and Prestige group. It is also popularly known as Vijay Mallya Mall Bangalore. Here I am sharing my knowledge and my share of experience regarding this mall based on a recent visit to this place.

UB city mall Bangalore address

This luxury mall is at heart of Bangalore city in CBD (Central Business District). The mall is a class by itself, situated in Vittal Mallya road, which is around 1.8 km from MG road and Brigade road. Cubbon park and Garuda mall are nearby, that are hardly few minutes away.

Joseph Indian primary school and museum bus stops are nearest bus stops. MG road and Cubbon park metro stations are nearest metro stations. Uber, Ola, taxi and auto are other convenient ways to reach the place.

If you have your own two or four wheeler it would be the best way in fact, though parking charges would be a bit on higher end, minimum of 100/- Rs for four wheeler and at least 40/- Rs for 2 wheeler. If you travel to the place, like I did by Uber or any other vehicle through HAL road, you can pass amidst the  green lush beauty of trees beside the roads welcoming you down the path. 

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Browsing the hallway


A clean landscaped garden in front of the mall along with many sitting areas designed around it will certainly catch your attention. As soon as you enter you cannot help, but appreciate the remarkable architecture inside.

The hallway is illuminated with a perfect blend of natural as well as artificial light. The meticulously decorated hall is at the center with two parallel escalators. It is connecting the three leveled mall. The rest of the shops are all around it on each floor along with lifts. 

High on range brands


If you are a lavish shopper, you can shop anything and everything that you wish, let it be bags, clothes, home decor, electronics or a variety of other stuffs at UB city mall shops.

The ultra luxurious and international brand shops, is the unique feature of this place. Rolex, Rado, Samsonite, Louis Vuitton, Seiko, Canali, Jimmy choo, Mont blanc, Diesel, Burberry, L’Occitane, One roze are few of the classified brands.

Though it could be heavy on your pocket. But for a window shopper like me, it was a treat to watch. 

A glimpse at the crowd


On a Thursday afternoon when I dropped by the shopping complex, I must say that it was not too populated. The entry is free.

UB city mall in Bangalore is second to none as it is mostly occupied by elite people and foreigners, which is not the same for rest of the malls in Bangalore. 

The most sought-after segment


For me the stunning part of the structure was the view atop. There is indeed a spacious and watchable open terrace, which is speckled with greenery here and there. To one end, it has an outsize amphitheater.

To the other sides, high end sophisticated cafes, restaurants and bars are bordering it.  Keventers, Subway, Farzi cafe are some of the names of UB city mall restaurants, worth mentioning

The sight of sky high UB city tower is impressive too. A great portion of people in the mall were actually on the terrace-turned-selfiespot. The greatest part is the soft soothing breeze. It will blow away all your thoughts and will keep you at utmost peace. For me it was a mini version of Goan street.

The mall is be much more chilling and happening in the evening hours. It’s a perfect place to hang out with friends. Got to hear that on 8th floor in UB city there is an art gallery, but I could not visit, as the navigation is a little tricky inside. 

Learner in me


I had a great time at this luxury mall in Bangalore. I liked especially UB city mall restaurants, UB city mall shops , pubs etc. Amphitheater was amazing too.

Rather than spending a lazy holiday afternoon lying on couch, doing nothing and wondering about life, I am more than happy to visit the mall. Hence I took a small step to choose activity over laziness, excitement over dullness and a new experience over repetitions of same thing. 

Have you been to UB city mall in Bangalore yet? Do share your experience.

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