At some random point, we encounter someone or something that leaves an impact on our brain. This stimulates us to move forward, bloom our creativity and grow our passion. Our source of inspiration or motivation can be a person / an event / a book / music or few encouraging words. Here are 10 best inspirational quotes on success by famous people handpicked just for you. These quotes have consistently driven me to forge ahead. 

Quote – 1

By Paulo Coelho

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Best life living quotes

Paulo Coelho is one of the finest authors of all time. He is renowned for his creation “The Alchemist”. The inciting words mentioned above are quoted by him. This is one of the best inspirational quotes on success of all time. But what does it actually mean?

It is based on an universal law called “Law of attraction”. This law states that “If you sincerely want something, then that thing will be attracted into your life.” This law is a means how to find self worth in life

So instead of asking yourself “Can I do it?”, utter to yourself “I will learn how to do it and will get better at it.” In spite of saying “I don’t want to fail.”, say that “I am going to win.” These affirmative self talks will draw positivity into your life. This is one of the life best inspirational quotes I guess.

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Quote – 2

By Swami Vivekananda

Life best inspirational quotes of Swami Vivekananda

Did you ever wonder, why certain people are more successful than others? Did you enquire, why some people lead a much happier life than the rest?

As human being, each of us has a lot of potential and energy. But somehow our energy gets dispersed and melts into thin air. There are a lot of things that that reduce our work productivity

The world surrounding us is loaded with, a number of ‘ideas’. What, the greatest spiritual orator Swami Vivekananda, conveys through this quote is that, we need to pick one simple idea. We must focus all our energy into it. People who live through ‘one idea’ at a time, eventually achieve more. The book ‘Arise awake and stop not’ is a compilation of Swami Vivekananda’s all life best inspirational quotes, beautifully put together.

Quote – 3

By Stephen King

Best life quotes short

Author of books like “IT” and “Doctor Sleep”, Mr. Stephen King is an witty person and undoubtedly my favorite writer. He is a proficient artist in putting deep meaning into simplest of words. This is one of the best life quotes short and meaningful of all time, that holds true for every single person.

When we are about to start something new, dozens of thoughts pop up inside our head. And before we face ‘actual’ difficulties, what bothers us more is the ‘imaginary’ ones. We become clueless how to deal with negative emotions in a healthy way. And strangely, these imaginary hurdles are disproportionately bigger than the real challenges.

So here is a “golden rule of 15 minutes” which I follow. When I am initially into a new task, I commit 15 minutes to it straight away, without overthinking. After I overcome the inertia of rest, brain automatically conditions itself to continue further. 

Quote – 4

 By Zig Ziglar

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This is one of the thoughtful and best inspirational quotes on success ever told. We humans are not thriving just to eat and rest. To add meaning to our lives, we set goals. But what does it take to accomplish a goal? 

Achieving a goal is not an overnight journey. We have to work day in and day out and head towards it.

Rather than looking for a short-cut, break the herculean goal into smaller ‘realistic sub-goals’. Fix a deadline for each sub-goal. Every such sub-goal achieved, is a baby step towards success. These small changes make a big difference in life.

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Quote – 5

By F. Uchtdorf

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Problems are inevitable part of life. We lack any control over these. However, one thing that we can regulate is how we react. Different people behave in different manner to situations. But most fascinating part is that we can train ourselves to react in a certain way. Below is a way on how to guide our-selves and how to be mentally strong and fearless in return.

Often, we are tempted to react to an issue immediately, by being upset / fearful / angry / resentful and so on. Rather we should pause for a while and observe our response.

Then we should voluntarily guide our line of thought to behave in a constructive and composed manner. This practice begins at home environment.

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Quotes- 6

By Michael John Bobak

What are the best inspirational quotes

A “comfort zone” is a psychological boundary that we build around ourselves. We are at utmost ease inside this zone. Hence, we decline any change in life, which makes us even a slight uncomfortable. But what will you do with such a monotonous life, when all 365 days of a year, are one and the same !!

When I look back at my life, what I cherish the most, are the moments when I tried something new. It is that time which molded me to become the person who I am today.

For instance, the journey of parenting and motherhood has never been smooth for me. there are some really fascinating things that I learnt from 2 plus years of parenting that changed my life forever.

So, I try take new challenges. No wonder I make mistakes, but those mistakes helps me evolve. After I step out of one comfort zone, I become more confident to surpass many such zones. 

Quote – 7

By Ray Goforth

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Here is one of the best motivational quotes by famous people i.e. Mr. Ray Goforth on life and struggle. When you set out to achieve something new, there are people who will warn that, you can’t. Half of them simply can’t stand your progress. Rest half are truly concerned about you. Therefore, they project their own fear of failure on you.

Pick up any random success story, and you will notice, how it endured initial criticism, followed by applaud.

If people behind space mission had entertained the idea of “You can’t.”, man would not have made it to space. Therefore, listen to your own voice. At the end of the day, who knows ‘you’ better than yourself. 

Quote – 8

By Thomas Jefferson

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Undeniably luck plays some part in our lives. Yet, few people use it as an excuse. They sit idle and weigh others’ achievements, by proportion of luck. They blame their misfortune for everything in their lives. However they are not keen to work hard.

‘Hard work’ is an exclusive weapon, which can overcome ‘hard luck’. This is one of the best inspirational captions for instagram.

It may not guarantee success, but just sitting and loafing around definitely leads to failure. Success won’t come easily, crawling to your feet. You need to make a move and chase after it. So, this is one of the best inspirational quotes on success I have come across.

Quote – 9

 By Bob Marley

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I am in love with this quotation by Bob Marley. It is one of the best motivational quotes by famous people that keeps me going in difficult time. Some of the quotes are so on point and have taught me how to handle stressful situation in life positively.

Life is sometimes too harsh on us. It brings such misery and devastation, that we barely can imagine. It’s during this tough time we discover a piece of ourselves, which we had never acknowledged before.

No one is born absolutely strong. It is life which teaches us and shapes us to be one.

At times it leaves us with no other choice, than being brave. It compels us to gather all our energy stored in each cell of our body and stand tall. So have faith in yourself, because almighty has faith in you. 

Quote – 10

By Don Shula

Best life living quotes in English

Life is much like a stream of water. We flow along with it. At times we come across success, take inspiration from it and walk on. Sometimes we confront failure, learn a lesson or two and move on. 

Whatever situation we live with, be it good or bad, is just a phase that will pass.

In practical terms, nothing is permanent, neither success nor failure, not even ourselves. So, rather than being unduly serious about everything, let’s just live.

Take away :

Drawing inspiration is essential. But what is even more vital, is to implement it. So, pin these quotes to your pinboard or stick to your mirror / wardrobe/ refrigerator, where you can catch a glimpse of it daily. So that whenever you feel low, it can lift your mood instantly.

These are the words quoted by some really well-versed personalities. At one time, they were average people like you and me. If they could make it big, why can’t you?

What are the best inspirational quotes on success by famous people, that transformed your life? Do comment below. Forward this post to your near and dear ones, if you find it useful. Subscribe for more such interesting articles.

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