Do not ask a woman why she is late, if she is wearing an eyeliner. Every woman can undoubtedly relate to the struggle it takes in front of a mirror to pull that perfect eyeliner. Yet it’s all worth it. And why not! Because a simple basic eyeliner makes you stand out, even without rest of the make-up. Here we have detailed 15 unique types of eyeliner styles for different eye shapes and for various occasions.

Gone are those days when eyeliner meant to be black. These-days different shades of colourful eyeliners are in trend.

Don’t put that perplexed look on your face, follow this blog post to know all the ideas that you are craving for.



Winged eyeliner is something that flatters every eye shape. It is never out of fashion. The cause of being so desired is, it is easiest to draw and it widens your eyes.

Steps :

  • How to draw winged eyeliner is a bit tricky. Some people advice to use a sticky tap on outer corner of eyes.
  • Few suggest to start drawing from upper lash line at the level of pupil then go outward to create a wing. Then again lining from inner corner of eye till mid lash line.
  • For me what is most comfortable is first outlining the upper lash line from inner to outer corner and then creating a flick, taking lower lash line as guide. ( That means sketching a wing from the outer corner of eye imagining it as it is an extension of lower lash line ).
  • With this effortless technique you don’t need to worry about unequal wings on both sides.



Cat eyeliner is bold, alluring and classy to wear. This undaunted look is mostly similar to winged eyeliner but a bit more dramatic.  It is most gorgeous in pitch black colour.    

Steps :

  • For this first you need to pull a winged eyeliner.
  • Along with it draw an inward and down ward wing from inner corner of eye.
  • You can delineate lower lash- line too or keep it as such.

Cat eye augments the size and shape of your eyes and is gorgeous to wear.

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Smokey eyes are modish and fearless. This metropolitan look is gorgeous especially for parties or occasions at night. Smokey eyes along with nude lips always looks chic.

There are a varieties of Smokey eyes, It can be black, brown, golden, bronze, purple , green blue, pink etc.

Steps :

How to apply a smokey eye is artful. If it is done wrong or not blended well it may end up looking like a black eye. Here is the process how to get it flawlessly.

  • First apply an eye shadow primer on eye lid as it helps to blend eye shadow well.
  • Also use concealer to hide dark circles below eyes.
  • Then apply a dark colour a black or dark brown eye shadow on your outer corner and crease of eye, blend it well till there is no harsh line.
  • Then use a black gel or pencil eyeliner to line your upper lash line and then blend it well.
  • Outline the lower lash line and merge it well particularly at outer part.

If you want to create a smokey eye with light colours like gold, silver or bronze : then first wear the basic coloured eye-shadow on upper lid evenly till the crease and following which use the same procedure mentioned  above.

  • If you are going for green or purple or pink then first apply dark colour on outer corner and crease
  • Then, apply the shimmery coloured eye shadow of the desired shade at mid portion of eyelid and mingle it properly. 
  • Thereafter follow the rest of the steps with eyeliner as revealed above.



Smudged eye is another sibling of smokey eye. It is little less dramatic and too easy to pull. The best part is that it is trouble-free to create and can be worn at day time and in a lot many occasions.

Steps :

  • First use kohl black or dark brown pencil eyeliner on your upper eye-line.
  • Gradually smudge it especially at the outer corner.
  • Repeat the same at the lower lash line.
  • Apply mascara and then you are ready.

Smokey eye and smudged eye particularly make a small eye shape look biggish.



Tightling eyeliner is one of the types of eyeliner styles, that is ready go for every woman and every eye shape out there.

It is suited for the women who prefer a subtle look rather than bold one and for those who don’t prefer to wear loud make up.

Steps :

  • Use a black liquid eyeliner to line your upper lash line as close to it as possible.
  • The trick is that it should be thin enough to get a feel of natural eyes and you are done.
  • It provides your eyes an open up appearance instead of droopy or doomy eyes.

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You may be curious what a nude eyeliner is. It is in fact it is one of my favourite eye make-up. You feel like you are not wearing any make up at all and still having naturally graceful eyes.

 Steps :

  • Take a black or brown eye-shadow in an angled eye-shadow brush and apply at the root of upper lash line gently.
  • Repeat the same at middle and outer portion of lower lash-line and that is it.
  • It will give an appearance of voluminous eyelashes.

You will fall in love with it if you bear a personality with minimalist look and don’t prefer too much make up.



Teal eyeliners are basically various shades of blue and some green mixed hues . It can be aqua blue, emerald green, peacock blue or dark blue.

Steps :

  • You may not have one in our make up bag yet or may be it is lying untouched at the bottom of your make up bag for months. 
  • It is the time to choose one or more of these and use in your eye make-up in myriad of ways to create that so on trend and irresistible look



It is a well-liked Korean eyeliner idea, which gives impression of rounded eyes. It is somewhat opposite to a cat eye.

Steps :

  • To procure this innocent and doe-eye , first you need to line your upper lash line with a liquid eyeliner
  • Then with the help of a pencil black eyeliner create a down ward wing at outer corner of eye.
  • The direction of downward wing should be along the curve of upper lash-line.
  • With the help of an angulated brush dust the outer part of lower lash line and you are done.

 It is one of the types of eyeliner styles that is simple yet adorable.



Steps :

  • To acquire this look, first apply one eyeliner of any colour to the upper lash line.
  • Then close to it and just above the line draw an eye-liner of a different colour.
  • You can use any 2 colours and be creative.

Best-loved colour combination is black as the first and golden  as the second colour

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Steps :

  • You can create innumerable eyeliner styles mentioned above with infinite number of coloured eyeliners available.
  • It is super fun and spunky.



Steps :

  • You can style this ravishing eyeliner by applying one coloured eyeliner shade to the inner portion of upper lash liner.
  • Apply another coloured eyeliner to the outer portion and then gently mixing the 2 colours.



It is a refashioned winged eyeliner with 2 wings one on upper lash line or one above and one below lower lash line.

Steps :

  • In the second case the wing that is created on lower lash line is directed downward, so it resembles fish tail.



Here the pattern of the eyeliner is such that it creates a negative space at the crease of your eyelid.

Steps :

  • First draw a normal winged eyeliner.
  • Then draw eyeliner at crease of the eye and  then join these.
  • Eyes appear bigger and unique.



  Rose gold is always chic. It is a classy colour.

Steps :

  • Apply rose gold eyeliner on your upper lash line.
  • Then apply a relatively thinner line on your lower lash line.
  • It is one of the types of eyeliner styles that is simple yet appealing



It is an voguish eyeliner for night party.

Steps :

  • Metallic eyeliner can be applied in numerous ways.
  • My personal favorite is first line your upper lash line with as usual black eyeliner and then lower lash line with metallic eyeliner .  

To conclude

I hope these ideas and tips to wear various types of eyeliner styles will provide varieties of options for you to try.

Am I missing something? If you have got some other ideas too, you can surely share in the comment box below

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