About ‘The Lazy Couch’

I originally started ‘The Lazy Couch’ as a weekend hobby. Apart from my job as a physician, the one thing I have always been passionate about is writing. Though I am neither a professional writer nor I posses any work experience, I still carry a huge interest in it. 

On one ‘Lazy’ afternoon, lying on a ‘Couch’, this concept struck me. I was interested to connect with people out there, who are like me. I was willing to share my life experience and my knowledge with them. Hence this blog, ‘The Lazy Couch’ was created. 

It is a lifestyle blog. Through this I intend to share my views with readers and communicate as well. They say life never comes with a guide book. So is for me. That is why I wanted to help people out there to improve their lives and lifestyles. 

‘The Lazy Couch’ covers topics like food, health, fashion, travel, relationship, parenting, books, decor and all such lifestyle essentials. I hope you will share your views with us too.