You might have come upon this hashtag “#selflove”. It’s quite trending in social media nowadays. But how can you love yourself, if you don’t appreciate how worthy you are! However how to find self worth is not as simple as it sounds.

There is so much going on in our lives, that we turn a blind eye to ourselves. We keep on focusing so much on others, that we neglect ourselves all in all. Until one day we wake up to realise what we have missed. But then we have no idea how to restore our self worth.

Below are few extremely simple and methodical ways, how to find self worth in life.

1. Self talk

Our doubts keep us pondering about our own self. After all self-doubt is the ugliest enemy of self worth. 

Have you ever heard of “imposter syndrome”?
This is a psychological condition, where a person is dubious about his/her own accomplishments and potentials. Though external evidences suggest that he/she is competent;  but that person thinks his/her achievements are merely because of luck. 

The reason why I mentioned imposter phenomenon is to let you know, that some form of self doubt is quite prevalent in most of us. Basically we are drowned in our own insecurities. 

Hence, time and again we need other people to validate us. We need them to make us aware of our own worth and competence. But what if they don’t? How can you help yourself to find your self worth?

Well, positive self talk is the best way out. Everyday just after waking up, you ought to reward yourself with uplifting words. You should recount yourself, how capable you are and how you have managed everything till date, in a lot better way than you had expected.

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2. Write down 

When you are overwhelmed by your own thoughts, writing is the best solution. In fact writing is a kind of self-counselling. As per my endeavour it always works for good. Each time I have self doubt, I take a pen-paper and start writing down what I am going through. 

The problem with our thoughts is, we can’t visualise them. That’s why we can’t put our thoughts in order, the way we arrange clothes in wardrobe. Anyway, writing does exactly the same thing for us by organising our thoughts.

Writing feelings on a blank piece of paper systematises thoughts. Thus it helps you think rationally. It lets you know, where exactly you are having trouble, and where is the fountainhead of self doubt. So jot down your thoughts along with positive aspects of you to get rid of self-contempt.

3. Self care 

Self love and self worth begin from self care. Have you ever noticed that when you feel like you look nice, it uplifts the entire day. You are assured about almost everything. On the other hand if you sense that you are short on looks, it lowers your self-confidence. 

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Foremost step of discovering self-worth, is to have a personable looks and a pleasant smell. Hence, pay attention to yourself and treat yourself well. Smarten up in such a way that when you gaze at a mirror you feel positive about yourself. 

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4. Set a goal

Life is absolutely irrelevant without a definite goal. So, very first thing someone need to do is to assign a goal and work towards it. A goal need not be huge. It may be small-scale, yet important to you. 

The more you make inroads into a goal, the better you will connect to yourself. In course of action you will find value in yourself. Meanwhile you will fall in with thy self worth.

5. Follow your passion

Every person is distinct and unique. Hence my idea of something that relates to my self worth may not be identical as yours. It’s indeed highly individualised. 

Every person has some sort of thing, s/he finds relevance in. So, there must be something out-there, you thoroughly enjoy doing ; that’s your passion. 

Passion and goal may not be related. For instance, for me I have found passion in writing. Nevertheless my goal is my career or profession as a paediatrician. My vision is to give my best shot at treating children. 

Thus find your passion and don’t let it sink into sea of oblivion. The more you find time for it, the better self satisfaction you will attain and higher self-worth you will claim.

6. Learn new skill

Learning new skill is a way of extending someone’s boundaries of limitations. When you acquire a new skill, it boosts overall confidence to achieve something greater. 

Internet is overflowing with informations to take full advantage of. Using internet to watch tv, play game or scroll mobile screen all day will make your brain dim-witted. Instead it is worthwhile to learn new skills from it. This will always help you to find self worth. 

Whenever you master a new skill, celebrate it and cherish it. Who knows it might guide to build up a new passion as well.

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7. Practice meditation 

I would like to stress upon it as much as I can. Mind plays most vital role in body as it’s camping ground for our thoughts. But it’s absurd that we are not concerned as much about our mind as we are about our body. 

We eat healthy food, exercise regularly to maintain physical fitness. Nonetheless our mind needs care and attention too. And the best possible way to do so is to meditate. 

Daily meditation for 10 to 15 min in morning will helps you set in. If schedule does not support, then meditating weekly once is also not a bad idea at all.

It will help you connect with your own self. Further it will make you aware of certain aspects of yourself which otherwise you would have neglected.

Besides meditation augments focus and concentration abilities too. This will take you ahead, in achieving whatever you are willing to try your hands on. Thusly meditation is a proven way to find self worth.

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8. Surround with positive people

You must have heard of this proverb, 

You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with.

There are few people who always encourage. Also there are these people who are frustrated in their own life and tend to draw energy out of others. A toxic or a negative person can wear others’ self-confidence down.

So, it’s upto you to choose your surrounding. Hence always try to keep such people around you who emit a positive aura. Hang around with people who bring the best in you. By just being around them will change a lot about your own perspective towards yourself.

Conclusion :

If you continue to live your life the way you are doing till now, nothing is ever going to change. So, step up and consciously bring few positive changes in your life as mentioned above.

Every individual has his/her worth. And sometimes you need to fight for it and earn it.

Share your journey of finding self worth with us. We will be glad to know any additional input to this topic.