For months or maybe years we have been postponing “happiness”. We keep on telling ourselves ‘Let me sort out this issue then I will be happy’, ‘Let me achieve that then I will have fun’ and so on. We chase after degree, job, career, relationship, house, car etc. and this list never really ends. But what we all forget in this rat race is that there are these small things in life which lead to joy. Those small moments become indelible memories and those small efforts count significantly. Read on to find out 7 simple ways how to lift your mood instantly.

1.Listening to favourite music

Music can change mood right away. You might have noticed that you are just 5 minutes into listening to sad songs and you sit there feeling heartbroken. Likewise when you hear happy songs you come to be cheerful and lively in no time.

Every person has some exclusive songs with which there is deep emotional connection. Therefore whenever we listen to few particular songs, they vibe differently.

I have a playlist of few hand-picked songs which are some how related to me, either through their beats or lyrics or association with a memory/event. 

“Some songs never get old, they just age like fine wine.”


Whenever I am heavy-hearted, I mostly listen to these songs. ‘Believer’ by Imagine Dragons is one of them. Everyone must compile a playlist of favourite songs. If you do not have yet, then get one. Because songs are absolute mood changers.

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2.Spending time with a child

Children live in, all in all, a different world. They have a short memory and even a shorter attention span. Owing to which they neither hold on to past nor bear grudge on anyone.

When you are with children you simply get lost in their naive acts and unconditional smile. After I became a mother I am living on this fact of life everyday.

The more time I spend with my baby the more I realise that a person don’t need any reason to be cheerful. Babies can bring unceasing smile on any face.

3.Enjoy nature

We humans have built an artificial realm around us. This man-made way of life can give us everything from luxury to comfort but can not find us peace.

No matter how advanced we are, it is lap of mother nature where we truly feel at home. It is nature, where life began. And it’s this nature, where we all belong.

Personally speaking for myself, whenever I find some spare time I prefer to go for a walk to a place which is full of greenery. Also I love to sit on balcony amongst my house plants and feel warmth of early morning sun rays. 

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Further when I am weighed down by stress and I feel lost in life, I seek a place that is filled with lushness, fresh air, cool water and natural light. Certainly nature is an instant mood turner. 

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4.A cup of tea or coffee

I am neither a coffee or a tea person. Having these beverages is not even part of my day to day routine. But at times, when something gloomy comes up or else I am upset for no obvious reason, a cup of tea/coffee comes as a rescue. It acts like wonder and lifts my mood in minutes.

Amusingly the moment I take very first sip, it starts working for me. I guess it’s effect is more kind of psychological than physiological for me.

Here I am not encouraging use of caffeine or theophylline or any other euphoric agent. But for me, there is no wrongdoing in having tea or coffee once in a while. I have revealed in detail, safe limit of taking tea and coffee in another blog post. 

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5.Meeting or talking to a close friend 

A heart to heart talk with a close friend or an old buddy puts a stop to needless overthinking. After few minutes of conversation with them, you feel like sufferings are less bitter and life is back on track. To be around or at least be in touch with a good friend is a magic formula for happy life. 

If you ask me, to have few real friends is a lot better than having many phoney ones. It’s so tough to find true friends who will genuinely be happy at your success, mourn in your agony and build hope when you fail.

Don’t ever overlook such friends. Because true friends will cheer you up instantly. 

6.Reading few meaningful lines

Oftentimes it happens to me that when I am going through a particular situation in life, I hit upon something strange. I notice a quote on a poster/hoarding or I read few random lines in a book/ internet, that relates to me word for word. These few lines of wisdom make my day.

Therefore no matter how big obstacles in life may appear, somewhere there is a “thought” that can solve them. This simple thought can bring smile on your lips at once.

7.Cooking a new recipe

Trying out a new recipe is always a stress buster for me. At present millions of recipes are on our finger tips. Furthermore it is fascinating to explore new permutations and combinations to develop our own unique flavour.

Peculiar thing about cooking is, if you put effort and interest, then pay-off is instant. And who does not love quick gratification!!!  So trying out new dish is a recipe for happiness.

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What are things that lift your mood? Leave your opinion in the comment box below. Share this post with your friends and family and let them be aware of these simple facts which we are often ignored.

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