A thrilling life is the one, that never bores us. It comes up with new riddle everyday to solve, new setback daily to overcome and never stops surprising us. Despite of innumerable problems, there are number of things to be thankful for in life.

Below I have mentioned few of those assets, we all should be grateful about.

1. Internet 

When I was in a dilemma whether to start a blog or not, I seeked second opinion of a friend. What he said, clicked me. His remark was “How awesome it is to express your ideas and then a person on other end of world can read it in minutes !” This is the kind of leverage that online connectivity provides us. 

Internet is a modern day wizard. It has made ‘time’ magically shorter and ‘distance’ drastically closer. Further, this ‘net’ is converting unimaginable things into reality, just like that, in a snap of finger. 

Internet has many cons like online gaming and social media addiction. In spite of that, we can’t deny that, cyberspace is still the best thing human has ever forked out. We should be thankful to be born in this era of web. 

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2. People around

Our life doesn’t come along with a warranty card. People around us are not immortal. Relations around us will not stay as they are till the end of time. Good times are not everlasting. Often we overlook these facts. 

Everyone wants to secure a better future. But if we focus too much on what lies in future, then soon we will loose sight of what is at present. Farsightedness should not blur our near vision, so much so that we will stumble upon and fall on face.

So, why not treasure persons close to us, right now? Why not grow trust in relationships, by nurturing them with needed time and attention ? Why not be thankful about having those endearing relations, when we still have time? Who knows what tomorrow will bring in!

3. Good health 

It’s typical of anyone to think “Life is so hard on us”. If you too presume the same, then you must visit emergency room of a hospital. Or else, you should observe a patient on ventilator in ICU. It certainly will make you realise how blessed you are. 

We might not be having an absolute physical and mental well-being. But, whatever health we own, that is precious. 

We can not take our body for granted, and stuff it with garbage, in the form of junk food. Good health needs good maintenance too. 

Thereby having balanced diet, sound sleep, physical activities ( morning walk ) and mental awareness ( meditation ) are must. That’s how we pay gratitude to our current fairly good physical and mental health.

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4. Change

“Change is uncomfortable”.But no-one can ever  picture ‘life’ without ‘change’. Change triggers ‘learning’ which in turn contributes to “growth” in long run. 

Here, we are not discussing about any drastic overnight change, that will frighten the life out of someone. Instead, we are referring to benefits of small and gradual changes, in life.

Are you aware of Goldilocks rule? In case you are not, let me explain. Goldilocks rule says , “Assign yourself a task that is neither too easy for you nor too tough. It should be just a little more challenging  than your current capability.” This rule is simple, workable and effective.

Hence, if life is changing, then instead of whining about it, we can actually grow with it. And indeed we should be thankful for all the changes, life has brought forth.  


Every night just before going to bed, our mind goes on a ride of over-thoughts and over-imaginations. Just then pause for a while and count your blessings. Fold hands, bow down  head and thank almighty whole-heartedly for this life.