The other day when I was watching a documentary, I came across something called aloevera farming. There I viewed, how aloevera is cultivated commercially in huge acres of land. That’s when I realised how worth-ful this small herb is. Aloevera is largely sought for its use in cosmetics and beauty. Here we will talk over benefits of aloevera on skin and hair. Also I will detail down 4 simple and easy ways, how to make aloe vera face mask at home instantly. 

Nature has a lot to offer. It has a vast treasure within. Aloevera is a irreplaceable gem of this treasure. Reason being aloevera is sole solution to most of our day to day skin and hair problems. 

How tough is it to grow an aloevera plant? 

Aloevera is a desert plant. It has stemmed from Arabian peninsula. Nevertheless, today you will find Aloevera plant in almost every household. 

One peculiarity about aloevera is, it’s a low maintenance succulent. As it is adapted to hot and dry conditions, it demands minimal watering of roughly once a week. So, if you are a forgetful waterer like me, you won’t regret keeping this plant in your balcony.

To know more about how to grow aloevera plant easily at your home, read the following article.

What types of plants you can grow easily in your balcony without spending much ? 


You must have noticed the instant glow and softness aloevera gel gifts to your skin. Here are some amazing benefits of aloevera on skin and hair that you would definitely love to know.


Most important properties of aloevera are it’s antioxidant and antiseptic nature. Both these properties are due to compounds like polyphenols.

As it has antioxidants properties, it act as anti aging and anti wrinkle substance as well.

What does FDA ( Food and Drug Association ) has to say about skin benefits of aloevera ? 

Some research has suggested that aloevera gel may be efficacious in healing acne, burn wound, herpes simplex, lichen planus, psoriasis etc. 

But FDA does not advocate use of aloevera or aloe as an alternative to treat medical conditions of skin because of following 2 reasons.

  • First of all sufficing data are not available on its safety.
  • Secondly the products available in market as pure aloevera gel or juice are not genuinely pure.

So the bottom line is, there is a dearth of more clinical trials on skin benefits of aloevera in days to come.

Why should you know the difference between aloevera gel and aloevera latex ?

Aloevera leaf has a transparent gel like substance enclosed within, known as aloevera gel. Just beneath skin of aloevera leaf and outer to aloevera gel there is a fine yellow layer, called aloevera latex. 

Though aloevera is said to be of benefit for constipation, weight loss, diabetes etc. Yet scientists have expressed concern over oral intake of aloevera ( especially aloevera latex more than aloevera gel ). This is owing to paucity of evidence on its safety. 

How to make fresh aloe vera gel at home ?

Are you willing to know how to make aloe vera face mask ? For this you can either take ready-made aloe vera gel handily available in local store or better option is to make fresh aloe vera gel at home.

To prepare your own fresh aloevera gel at home you need

  • An aloe vera leaf
  • A knife
  • A container
  • A spoon

Then follow these steps as shown in picture.

  1. Take aloevera leaf and clean it thoroughly. Keep it in vertical position till a yellow colour sticky discharge totally drains out from it.
  2. Remove upper layer of skin and also peal off spiky edges of leaf with a knife.
  3. Scoop out gel using a spoon and then put aside it in a clean container.
  4. Mash this gel with spoon to a paste . If you are preparing a handsome amount of aloevera gel at a go, then use blender.

How to make aloe vera juice at home ?

If you are wilful to prepare aloe vera juice at home, then it’s quite simple. Strain aloevera gel prepared above, using a net cloth or strainer and receive this juice into a container.

How to prepare aloevera gel cubes at home ?

To get aloevera gel cubes at home go with these steps shown in figure.

  1. Take a clean aloevera leaf. Keep it in vertical position and let yellow liquid ooze out completely.
  2. Strip off superficial skin of leaf from all sides.
  3. Now you will get an elongated, translucent and pulpy gel.
  4. Slice it into pieces or cubes and transfer gel cubes into a container.

How to store fresh aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice at home ? 

  1. To preserve fresh aloevera gel or aloevera juice, pour it into an ice cube trey and store inside freezer. You can use it for 1 week.
  2. Or else you can preserve aloevera gel cubes in air tight container or airtight zipper bags.
  3. Some people mix aloe vera gel with vitamin C tablets and store it for upto 8 months. The ratio is 1 litre aloe vera gel to 8 gm vitamin C.
  4. Also another way of preserving aloe vera gel for upto 3 months is to mix with some lemon juice and vitamin e capsule.




Ingredients :

  • 1/2 tsp* turmeric 
  • 1/2 tsp sandal wood powder 
  • 1 tbsp* aloe vera gel

*tsp=teaspoon* ; tbsp=tablespoon

Procedure :

  • It’s your choice to take either fresh aloevera gel or prepacked one as per feasibility.
  • Take all in a container and blend thoroughly.
  • Apply it on face and neck, then leave for 5 mins.
  • Cleanse face and neck with clean water.
  • Use this aloevera-turmeric face mask twice a week for best results.

Aloevera has a refreshing and cooling effect on skin. It is a natural skin toner as well. Turmeric is an effective antiseptic.



Ingredients :

  • 1 tbsp gram flour or besan
  • 1 tsp aloevera gel
  • 1/2 tsp honey
  • 1 tsp raw milk
  • A pinch of aromatic turmeric ( Kasturi haldi ) i.e. optional

Procedure :

  • Mix all and make a paste.
  • Clean your face thoroughly and spread this paste over face and neck uniformly.
  • Let it dry fully for 10 minutes.
  • Again soak the mask with water, when it is still applied on face.
  • Massage it for 1-2 min, then clean up your face with water and wipe.

Raw milk act as natural cleanser. Aloevera further moisturises skin. This face mask is particularly beneficial for dark spots ( hyperpigmentation ) if used regularly.



Ingredients :

  • 1 tbsp aloevera 
  • 1/2 tbsp coffee powder
  • 1 vitamin E capsule ( optional )

Procedure :

  • Admix these together. Put it on your face and neck.
  • Wash after 15 minutes.

Coffee is a natural antioxidant. It removes dead skin layer too.



Ingredients : 

  • 1/2 tbsp aloevera gel
  • 1 tbsp multani mitti or Fuller’s earth
  • 1 tbsp gulab jal or rose water

Procedure :

  • Remove make up and clean your face and neck entirely.
  • Mix above ingredients and apply it evenly on both face and neck.
  • Rest it for 10 mins and let it dry. Then wash it off.

Multani mitti or fuller’s earth is noticeably beneficial for oily skin. It closes pores and reduces pimples if put once or twice a week. 

Conclusion :

Sometimes a product derived from plant grown at our home or backyard does a better job than any cosmetic available in market.

In a world full of growing chronic diseases, we need to be more cautious about chemicals we are coming in contact with every day.

Share your thoughts with me on how to make aloe vera face mask at home. What is your experience of making and using aloevera gel and aloe Vera face pack at home ? Also forward this article to your family and friends and let them be aware of these interesting facts.

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