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Someone has aptly said, “A successful person is 99% inspiration and 1 % perspiration.”  As learners we strive to learn new things each day.  A motivational book is the one that will keep you motivated and inspired to achieve your goals and also to be a better person. This is the list of some best motivational books of all time. These are a constant source of inspiration and positive thinking for me.

1. Celebrating silence


  This is one of the best motivational books. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is it’s author. I came across the book during most stressful days of my life and was lacking any motivations. One of my roommates had this book lying on her desk. I was not fond of reading then, but when I turned the pages I noticed small chapters on various issues of life. The chapters had contents like how to deal with anger, fear, jealousy etc. It incorporated few chapters on spirituality and meditation too. One section that I found distinctly useful is ‘How to deal with modern changing world?’ I used to skim through few pages a day just before going to bed every day. I repeated, revised and applied the words in my life for roughly 2-3 months, after which I was more composed, less serious, a relaxed and a better version of myself.

2. The monk who sold his Ferrari 


It is a well acknowledged book written by Robin Sharma. He is a great author of many self-help books and is a motivational speaker too. This is the first purely motivational book that I read. It’s about an ambitious lawyer who remained busy throughout his life. The book comprises the answers to the questions that bothered him at the end. What really matters in life? Is it money? If not then what we should live for? This is the whole idea of this inspirational book.

3. Who will cry when you die?


This is my most treasured best motivational book. It’s a very small book with very short and meaningful chapters. Every word is worth reading. You may be the slowest reader, but you will find it very easy for reading. One of the best part is, its writer Mr Robin Sharma has mentioned inspirational quotes from different authors inside each chapter. I keep the book handy with me all the time. Whenever I face any issue in life or I am confused, I read few pages and I am clear what to do. My friends who burrowed this book from me, liked it so much, that after returning the book to me each of them bought one book for themselves

4. Youth! Arise awake and know your strength


 This handy book encompasses the ideas by swami Vivekananda, mainly targeted towards youth of the country reminding them of their strengths. Many contents are spiritual. It appears as a pocket book in size but bears the valuable and inspiring ideas that swami Vivekananda ji wanted to transfer to the next generation.

5. How to win friends and influence people


It is one of the oldest and finest books written on social skills by Dale Carnegie. It was first published way back in 1937 and became popular overnight. A number of people are also being trained in Carnegie courses each year. One of my friends who had difficulty in facing and cracking interview started following this book and then his life changed. He suggested me to wade through this book. I am an introvert by nature. I had a strong belief that being social requires some characteristics that are inherited and cannot be acquired. But this book proves it all wrong. The tips and tricks that are mentioned here are up to the point and genuine. I am thankful to this book for making me more social and to help me out to deal with people in a better way. Still the learning process is going on.

6. The subtle art of not giving a f*ck. 


It is a great book written by Mark Manson, who is a well distinguished blogger. He has described quite well that, as human beings we all are flawed and it is perfectly normal to have our own limitations. It further guides how to accept this truth and be grounded. It has some punch lines that got impressed really deep in my mind. The author also entertains with various short stories based on his real life experience throughout the book, with relentless humor.

7. Flowers on the path


   The book comprises of series of articles shaped by Sri Sadhguru ji published for ‘Speaking tree’ column of ‘Times of India’. It has got solution to worldly issues as well as some spiritual contents. It promotes Yoga and Meditation for physical and mental health . Sri Sadhguru ji is a very insightful person. His inspirational quotes and words of guidance are worth following. 

8. Know your mind


This is a compact book written by great spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on the most complicated and most wondering structure called ‘human mind’.  This is a pocket-sized book which takes barely few hours to read. It will guide you to know and control your mind , and to understand others’ perspective too.

9. Use your head


This is the most amazing book on brain and learning power that I have read so far. The author Tony Buzan had spent many years researching brain and its functionality and came out with many radical techniques such as mind mapping. This book was first published 50 years ago ,but  still keeps on guiding readers how to improve memory, IQ, creativity etc. I am grateful to the author as this changed my approach towards reading books. I was a terribly slow reader by then. When I came across a chapter on ‘fast reading’ I got to know the reasons for this sluggishness. I followed the techniques and it entirely changed my reading speed. Now I can finish reading and comprehending a book in just 2 days.

10. The alchemist


This book is written by one of the brilliant author of all time Paulo Coelho. Though I have not read the book yet, still it is in my list. This is because few of my friends recommended me to read the book at least once. According to them this is one of the best motivational books. It has changed their attitude towards life. So this book is next in my reading list for sure.

11.The power of subconscious mind


This is a nice book written by Dr  Joseph Murphy on a type of mind called ’subconscious mind’. According to the book subconscious mind can have a huge impact on every aspect of life like its circumstances,  success, relationship etc . At first it may seem unrealistic but as author will explain you with evidences and scientific research based facts, it is very much possible.

12. 31 mantras for personality development


This is an interesting book written by Abhihsek Thakore. It is in the form of a workbook or diary that has got 31 teeny-tiny chapters of 1-2 pages each, that takes hardly 5 min to read. Each chapter mentions one specific personality trait and how to acquire it. At the end of each chapter there is a blank work space. Daily after you get up from bed read a chapter and apply the same throughout the day. At the end of the day, fill the work space of the chapter with pen/pencil regarding the details what you learnt from the chapter and when did you apply it ?. This will keep you engaged throughout the month. The next month repeat the same, and slowly these traits turns into a habit.  

This my list of books. Is it helpful to you?  Do you like to suggest any more motivational book that you like personally? Do share with me.

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