When we spot someone wearing a polka dot pattern dress, it always attracts our attention. But at the same time, we are doubtful. We ask our own selves, “ Is it too much for me? Should I wear it ?” And, if at all you decide to go for it, you wonder how to style that polka dot dress.

This blog answers all such queries. In fact, it is a guide for each woman out there, who is looking for a change. Here you will get petty details of how to wear and how to style polka dot dress as per your personality and in accord with your mood. 

What is polka dot ?

‘Polka dot pattern’ is a distinctive pattern with filled circles of a colour over solid background of another shade. ‘Polka dot’ is a polish word that stands for ‘woman’. Thus it is feminine in itself. This print is bold, funky and full of youth. Which is why, it is everyone’s favourite.

It was a huge trend back then, between 1920 to 1960. Also, recently it has impressed fashion lovers all across the world. Present-day designers are preferring especially this pattern over the rest. Hence, ‘Polka dot’ motif is here to stay. 

Below are 11 unique ways you can ace that polka dot dress.

1. A ready to go look


Red, black and white are three ‘statement colours’. Overall any clothing with this combination is always eye-catching. So, does this look. Wear a white on black polka dot dress. Then, complete the outfit with a pair of red stilettos and a red purse. 

A little hint of red, in background of black and white, always pops up well. Therefore, this style is never out of fashion.

2. A fun look


Would you like to add a little bit of fun to your wardrobe? If yes, then update it with ‘yellow’. It is a colour of obsession for many. A fusion of solid honey-mustard-yellow top and a white midi skirt, with black polka dots, is treat to eyes. It is offbeat, cheerful and bubbly. 

Additionally, spice it up with outsized white hoop-earrings and a pair of black ankle-high leather boots. 

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3. An evergreen look


Gone are the days when ladies used to put on printed top with only solid skirt/pant. In modern times, you can wear ‘prints along with prints’. Unless, it incites visual conflict.

For instance, you can pair a white top having small to medium sized black-polka-dots with blue printed skirt, as in this picture. Again, dress it with your favourite set of black heels.

This is a go-to outfit for everyone. If you are someone, who does not experiment much with colours, then also you will adore it. In fact, ‘white and blue’ is an irresistible match. Hence, try it without a second thought.

4. A subtle look


Here is a subtle way to slay polka dots. For which, be clothed in a cream/white knee length dress with coffee brown polka dots. Layer it with a medium-length semitransparent shrug, of neutral colour. Flaunt it further with neutral-cum-white sneakers. 

5. A sophisticated look


If you are a black-lover just like me, you can also create a more sophisticated look. Dress a white-on-black polka top with black leather pant, a matching pair of studs and black heels. Carry either a hand bag or a large envelope clutch to finish this ‘all-black getup’.

6. A street style look


Design this street style look with a rust-brown polka jumpsuit. In addition, couple it with white flat foot wear and a jute hand bag. Use a sun hat if it is sunny out there.

Jumpsuits are always appealing. It is gaining immense popularity, as it is one of the most comfortable outfit.

7. A daily look


This costume is simple yet elegant. Put a white top together with a cinnamon brown polka dot skirt. Besides, team it up with a pair of white block heels, bearing ankle strap. This is a quite flattery daily wear.

Alternatively, you can opt for a brown polka wrap-skirt with flat foot wear for a beach look.

8. A girly look


At times, when girly mood hits, wear a white on red polka dress. In addition pair it with nude sandals and statement earrings. Red being a bold and gorgeous colour, makes you look more attractive.

9. A stylish look


A white maxi or midi dress with over-sized black polka dots, is a cool summer wear. On top of it, it is breathable as well. Further, a set of white studs and black flat shoes, makes it even more comfy.

10. A Formal look 


You might be wondering is polka dot formal ! As it has a funky vibe in general. Nevertheless, you can incorporate it into formal outfits too. Choose patterns with small sized dots and shades like black, white or blue. 

Pick a navy blue top having small white polka dots. Wear it over black pleated skirt /palazzo for workplace. Plus simple stud earrings will do the rest.

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11. A Simple look


Typically, polka dot is always a head turner. In order to create a simpler version of it, go for outfits with tiny dots. Check out this white top with fine black dots. Assuredly, you can recreate this look with your favourite black/blue jeans. 

To wrap up :

‘Polka dot’ is an ageless queen of all patterns. These pretty dots are vintage as well as modish. Do you have polka dot dress in your collection? If not, then remodel your closet with one of these straightaway. Apart from, dress and tops, you can also try polka dot saree and polka dot kurti.

Share your ideas and views in the comment box below. As well as repost this blog with your friends and keep them informed. 

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