“It is a difficult phase for us” said someone. 
“Let’s make the best out of it” I responded.
For most of us , the word “lockdown” denotes being “locked” and feeling “down”. Just imagine yourself confined within your home. The thought itself is awkward, monotonous and suffocating. But cheer up folks, because there is another side of coin as well. These are 10 productive things to do at home and invest time effectively.

So, staying at home can be interesting and constructive too if you follow these steps.


It is a gripping as well as useful way to manage your time and gain knowledge. It is one of the most productive things to do at home. Some people might perceive it as an unwelcome idea.

But wait .. instead of scrolling down through news feed , watching tv all day and being stuck to your cell phone, from which you acquire gloomy informations and grow negative vibes, try reading few pages of a book each day.

It will keep you motivated and dynamic. You can read anything that you prefer, be it a novel, or a motivational book, a fictional story, or a comic; either from paper book or e-book. So happy reading and feel the difference.

Reading and writing both goes hand in hand. As you read more and more, you get inspired to write . You can pen down a book, an article, a poem or simply few lines. It is not necessary for you to be a novelist to start writing something. …right ! ! !

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Trying out fresh recipes which have been in your bucket list for long is a great idea. It can be cakes, sweets, continental or desi food. You can always experiment and experience.

Some people might feel as if they are amateurs in cooking. In such case they can attempt something as simple as varieties of salad.

Cooking can engage you , entertain you and in the end satisfy you; most importantly it is a life-saving skill. So the idea of cooking is never off the table.

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Countless thoughts are going on inside our brains these days. Though we are at our respective homes which happen to be the most secure place on earth right now, mind is still restless. Internet is full of innumerable informations that keeps us pondering.

Meditating as less as 15 min a day will definitely simmer down your nerves. Concentrate on your breathing , loosen your muscles, relax your mind, sense every cell of your body and feel blessed to be alive, to be healthy.

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Someone has rightly said “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. Staying all day at home, with minimal physical activity, can drain out your energy. Working out at home will be beneficial for your body as well as mind. Muscular activity helps in maintaining proper bodyweight and shape. It also releases endorphin, which has an euphoric effect.

Not everyone has a gym at home, but luckily there are other ways too. Yoga is a quality exercise welcomed world wide . Pranayama has its own leverage as well. Aerobics, dance, Zumba and walking briskly around your house or balcony are some other available options.

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5.Learning new skills

If you have got a hobby such as sketching, painting or any such indoor activity, then well enough. If not then also it is an excellent time to flourish your talent. There are numerous skills which are at your finger tips’ reach. Internet is a magic box if you make proper use of it. 

If we are discussing about productive things to do at home, then learning new skill is foremost in the list. Learn something that fascinates you, like art and crafts , playing a new musical instrument, photography, photo editing, singing, dancing, writing, stitching, learning a new language and much more. Recently I enjoyed learning embroidery, crochet and knitting. Paper craft is next in my list.



Gardening is worth mentioning independently because it is a pleasant way to connect with nature and yourself. If At your dwelling you have some plants, water them regularly and take care of them.

You can effortlessly propagate your own ‘kitchen garden’ too. For this you do not need to buy extra seedlings from nursery , just the usual vegetables can be used. Home grown veggies and flowers awards you with abysmal satisfaction.

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It may sound like “What the hell! … cleaning??? …really???.” But believe me if the ambiance around you is neat and well placed, it undoubtedly increases productivity. Household chores like washing clothes, cleaning kitchen, dusting or as trivial as making your bed will put an enduring smile on your face.

8.Indoor games


Watching news all day or peeking through social media account frequently is tiring . At the end of the day, it will leave you less cheerful and more worried. Indoor games are outstanding ways to unite with family. Games like carrom, ludo, cards etc are super entertaining.

Definitely I am not mentioning any sort of video game or online game like pubg which isolates you and do more harm than good.

9.Listening to music

Listening to melodic music tunes a person up. Based on your emotion and desire you can choose whatever music you like. If you are still confused then just turn on to radio station. Tuneful music is the best therapy. It repairs, renews and keeps you going. Speaking about myself, it invariably works.



I am foot-noting this point not because it is less important, but because it should be perceived as ‘a take home message’ from this blog.

This pandemic has taught us one thing for sure that it does not matter how much wealth you have accumulated, if you do not bear a sound health, you own nothing.

Best thing to do right now is taking care of ourselves by taking proper diet, minimising refined carbs, proper physical activity and keeping ourselves calm and relaxed. Add foods that boost immunity to your diet.

So try these productive things to do at home and stay safe. Post if you have other such productive things to do at home in your list, that you want us to know. Share the post and spread knowledge. I hope it helps.

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