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Who on the globe does not love the extra hours of sleep in early morning under comfy woolly blanket. So do I. But, lately I have started waking up early in the morning and have begun following a morning routine. Morning walk has nowadays become a part of my morning regime. I included morning walk in my schedule in order to head towards a healthy life-style.  

For morning walk you can pick any nearby place you want; it can be encompassing your home or a park or any other place. Bangalore is city of lakes. There is a lake, well known as Sheelavanthakere lake at walk-able distant from my home. I prefer this lake-cum-park for walk.  

I noticed a difference in my life recently due to this change of life-style. As everyone  aspires to stay young and be in good shape ,there are some benefits of morning walk I am sharing.

1. Physical health


Morning walk assists to keep certain diseases like diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia apart. It further aids to improve immune system and helps a person to fight against diseases.  

 Morning walk strengthens bones and averts osteoporosis. Moreover it builds vigorous and agile muscles.  

While walking as heart pumps actively, blood circulates better to body organs. Lungs breathes more fresh air in. Consequently cardio-pulmonary system functions better. In other terms heart and lungs are healthier and fitter. But for people already having cardiac and pulmonary issues, it may be deleterious. So such persons should always consult a doctor ahead of introducing such activities.  

Morning walk is also not advised instantly after heavy meals. After meals blood circulation is diverted chiefly to stomach. Morning walk will further draw more blood to muscles and hence may compromise circulation to other vital organs of body  

            You can take a bottle of water with you to avoid dehydration

2. Mental health


A good mental health is paramount for psychological, emotional and social well being. Morning walk daily elevates mood, thinking and behavior and as a result useful to handle stress in a better way.

In some places there are spots for meditation too beside the walk way.

3. Connect to people


Morning walk is beneficial for social health too. You can join with your friends or partner. You can also encounter new people while walking . These days people group up in morning walk club.

Presently I go to the Lake for walk on my own. I sight considerable number of people coming there for walk everyday. Some people also come from far off places with their own vehicles, two wheeler mostly. Many of them come daily . By coming across them I get more inspired and concerned about my health

4. Routine


  Something that is a part of daily routine makes life more organised and meaningful. A routine activity early in the morning conveys signal to body that, day has started. As I embraced morning walk in my daily schedule my life has become more systematised.

5. Makes your day

Walking daily elevates mood. It prepares you for rest of your day in an upright note. It moulds you to be more active and primes your body for work. Hence beginning a day with this simple physical activity will keep you rejuvenated, throughout a sidereal day.

6. Connect with nature


I cherish being with nature. The more we connect to fresh air, water, sky, earth the more we feel spirited, exuberant and at peace. Nature has an exceptional healing power. It takes away all your ruminations and keeps you tranquil and restful.

On a morning walk as you appreciate nature, plants, flowers, leaves, birds and hear their beautiful voices , it soaks up to your body and soul.

 7. Loose weight

If you want to release that extra calories accumulated around your belly, a brisk morning walk for 30 minutes a day will definitely help. It is the easiest way indeed. First start steadily for 5-10 min a day and then progressively increase it to 30 minutes.

You can utilize technology at its best. There are apps available for smart phones that keep a track on your footsteps daily. Smart watches are handy and also in trend to count footsteps, calories burnt and other vitals.

Walking daily tones muscles, reduce body fat and enhances physical appearance of a person. So throw away the sedentary lifestyle if you really wish to stay young.

8. Sleep


A lot many people these days battle for sleep. It is basically because of the sedentary lifestyle that we have earned under the label of comfort. Mobiles and Laptops add to that furthermore.

I have noted a change in pattern of my sleep as I incorporated morning walk in my day to day routine. Previously I had to push myself to induce sleep. Now on account of morning walk I am able to sleep earlier and having a trouble-free sleep too.

9. Exercise

Morning walk is an easiest and simplest form of exercise. For walking you don’t have need of any specialized instruments or training. You don’t require hitting the gym or expending that extra sum of money every month.

 All you need to do is to have a brisk walk i.e neither running too fast nor walking leisurely, daily for 30 minutes a day. More is better, less is also alright. If you lack much time, then walking for 30 minutes once a week is also worthwhile.

You can walk around your home or you can choose any neighboring park or lake or any other place according to convenience.

10 . Key to happiness

Morning walk releases a chemical in brain called BDNF or Brain-Derived Neurotrophic factor. It boosts memory and assists in clear thinking. Prevents Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

It further releases a chemical named endorphin. Endorphin is a hormone that induces sense of well being or euphoria in brain neurons. Hence a few minutes of walk, is key to happiness.

  Tell me about your own experience with morning walk. If you have not started yet, isn’t it time for a change?


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